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By RitterCat. Art by Fatecrashers.
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Note: This issue's puzzle page will not be featuring a crossword puzzle.

Welcome to yet another edition of the Puzzle Page here at The Smog! As always, we're open to feedback; if there's some type of puzzle that you'd like to see included in the next issue, or if you have a gripe with this issue's puzzles, feel free to send a PM or VM to RitterCat or air your opinion in the release thread.

Now to the prizes! Firstly, congratulations to Kit Kasai for winning a custom title by scoring 32 points across the five clues in the Pokémon Countdown; however, the maximum possible score was 48, so there's lots of room for the competitors to improve next issue! For the Pokémon Ports, The_BlazeMan and SwedishBiscuit were the first two users to submit a complete set of correct answers, so they have also won themselves a custom title each. Apologies to those who attempted the Ports before the correction was made to the third port! Sadly, the Mystery Sounds and Pokémon Anagrams once again went unattempted. Finally, we would like to congratulate Bughouse for submitting the first completely correct crossword grid. You've earned yourself a custom avatar on Pokémon Showdown—well done! Thank you to everyone else who submitted answers, especially the very large number of people who submitted correct crosswords grids—your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!

Word Puzzles

Pokémon Countdown

The challenge is to use as many letters as possible from each given word or set of words to make a Pokémon-related term. The letters can be arranged in any order and each letter should only be used once. One point is given per letter. You can only submit one term as an answer.

Your answer can be a Pokémon, move, item, or ability. This month's word sets are:

  1. {Slowly Discouraged}
  2. {Mellow Tobaccos}
  3. {Crazier Daylight}
  4. {Pokemon Countdown}

Pokémon Anagrams

The short phrases given below are anagrams of a number of Pokémon-related terms. Your job is to work out which terms make up the phrase!

  1. Uzbekistan Luck Trap
  2. Marshmallow Sales Law
  3. Robot Chimeras Zing Jargons

Pokémon Ports

In a port, a series of hints are given, with the last two or more letters of one hint shared with the first two or more letters of the next hint. For example, the answer to [LC Grass-type][LC Normal-type] would be Cottoneevee (the last two letters of Cottonee are ee and the first two letters of Eevee are ee), and the answer to [Fire-type Move][LC Ice-type] would be Embergmite (the last three letters of Ember are ber and the first three letters of Bergmite are ber).

  1. [LC Normal-type][PU Grass-type][OU Psychic-type][Ghost-type Move][UU Grass-type][Ability][Normal-type Move][Item]
  2. [Steel-type Move][Ubers Dragon-type][RU Water-type][OU Water-type][LC Fighting-type][LC Grass-type][Flying-type Move]
  3. [UU Dark-type][PU Psychic-type][Item][PU Electric-type][NFE Dragon-type][LC Normal-type][LC Dark-type][LC Bug-type][RU Ghost-type][BL Rock-type][LC Rock-type]

Pokémon Cryptogram

By substituting each letter of the alphabet with a different letter, the original message of the following string of letters can be decoded. What is it?



You are eligible for the Puzzle Page competitions as long as you have a Smogon account. To participate, send all your Puzzle Page entries in a single forum conversation to The Smog. The deadline for submission is 2 weeks from now, on the of June; after that, you can still try the puzzles, but the answers will be posted here and we'll close submissions. As always, good luck and have fun!

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