Learning The Roles of Mafia

By Aelita and Animalityy. Art by justinjiaxinghu.
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Hello and welcome to Cacturne's Mafia Learning Center. Today, Cacturne will present how to play two main themes played in the Mafia room on Pokémon Showdown!. Mafia is a hard game to get into, but really easy to master, as the differences between games can be understood with just knowledge of the basic roles.

Without further ado, let's jump into our themes: Classic and Dethy!


The Classic theme is possibly the most common theme played in the room, and a basic overview of the roles will help you weed out those Mafia pests quicker! Unless, of course, you are the Mafia, in which case it will help you get sharper knives to kill those Town scum.


Dethy is a theme that is played with 5 people, and 5 people only, and it is one of the main themes played when there aren't enough people to play Classic. The aim of Dethy is to figure out who is the Mafia and lynch them before they take out all of the Cops. Oh right, we forgot to mention roles—it's one Mafia member against 4 Cops. Sound easy right? Nope! Each cop has a disability that prevents them from finding the Mafia easily.

Remember that in Dethy, only the Mafia knows his role. The cops know that they are Cops, but not which type of cop!

We hope this will help you get better acquainted with the Mafia room! There are many, many more roles that can be created. Roles can even be combined to make bigger, better roles and create a more strategic game. We hope to see you in the Mafia room soon!

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