Smogon Award Nominees

By several users! Art by Rocket Grunt.
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Welcome back to the Smogon Awards! After a month (and a half) of nominating, we at the Smog are proud to present this year's nominees at the Smogon Awards.


Please send in your votes to SMOGON AWARDS to vote for your favorites. Please only pick one nominee! You can also discuss the awards and/or campaign for your favorites in this thread!

The deadline for voting is December 13th, so get your votes in quick!

Without further ado, here are the categories!

Please note, the descriptions for the Battling Categories will be spruced up after our resident expert, Gouki, comes back from a rousing day of hockey.


Best OU Battler
  • Gouki
  • Earthworm
  • husk
  • imperfectluck
  • panamaxis
Best UU Battler
  • Eo Ut Mortus
  • imperfectluck
  • Twist of Fate
  • JabbaTheGriffin
  • LonelyNess
Best Uber Battler
  • Jibaku
  • Train Man
  • reachzero
  • -Mind-
  • Fabbles

These battling awards recognize players who excel at the various tiers of competitive Pokémon. In the DPP era where everything is varied and quickly evolving, it take a lot of prowess to show that you're top dog.

Best Tournament Player
  • Earthworm - One of the most prolific tournament players of this generation showed no drop off after taking this trophy last year. Wins in The Regional Tournament and Type Reduction Tournament showed he can still go head to head with anybody, and he showed he won't shrink under pressure by playing on the winning teams of Team Trials II and The World Cup of Pokemon. With a 47-17 tournament record in 2009 (records ignore Smogon Tour and LNT battles), it's going to take a lot to bring down the reigning champ. — Gouki
  • locopoke - 2009 was a great year for locopoke, as he grew from a relative unknown into a celebrated tournament player. His rise began with a shocking run to the finals of ST5, amid accusations of getting by on activity wins. Focused on silencing any doubters, he won The Second Official CAP Tournament shortly after. While the rest of the year wasn't as smooth for locopoke, he still ended up with a very respectable 33-18 record, leaving no doubt that he should always be on our tournament threat lists. — Gouki
  • reachzero - reachzero was one of the most hyped tournament players of the year, and with his impressive 39-16 record, it's easy to see why. He not only showed he can win more than most with his Clash of the Titans victory, but that he can lose more than anyone as well, as he "won" The Reverse Tournament! Always consistent regardless of the rules, will he be chosen as 2009's best tournament player? — Gouki
  • panamaxis - Through the first eight months of 2009, panamaxis was looking like the Peyton Manning of the competitive battling scene, mirroring the first eight years of the latter's career perfectly. pana put up consistent wins in everything he joined, but couldn't seem to come up with a tournament win. That all changed after Oceania's World Cup victory run, as he broke through the star-studded Ultimate Cup to grab his first single title. Now a tournament champion, with the highest win percentage of the finalists at 45-15... maybe he really is the Peyton Manning of Pokémon. — Gouki
  • imperfectluck - ipl came roaring out of the gates in 2009, and it seemed like nothing would stop him from winning this title. Early victories in Secret Santa and The Exclusion Tournament were followed with a short break from tournaments. After returning, he never seemed to reach the ridiculous standards we expect from him, although he still managed to add a Crystal Ball Cup win to his résumé, and reached the top 8 of Smogon Tour Season 8. Despite a "disappointing" year, ipl still ended with a strong 28-18 record, and shouldn't be overlooked. — Gouki
Best Ladder Player
  • imperfectluck - If you were to ask me who is first on the OU ladder at any random time, I would bet money that it would be ipl without any prior knowledge. ipl has been first in every tier except ubers, and the word 'ladder' is almost synonymous with 'imperfectluck' at this point. — Gouki
  • Krack - Krack was one of the most consistent top 5 OU players on the ladder this year, but he really made his mark later on, when he achieved what many thought was impossible, and grabbed first place on OU, UU, and ubers simultaneously. — Gouki
  • Kevin Garrett- One of the most respected OU ladderers for the past two years, KG showed no signs of slowing down, as he topped the ladder on multiple occasions, and was consistently in the top 5 whenever he was active. — Gouki
  • Eo Ut Mortus - Finally we have one of the kings of the UU ladder. Eo's domination of his tier would be enough to get him a spot on this list, but he went ahead and achieved top 5 status in multiple suspect tests for good measure. In one of the most (appropriately) competitive categories, will Eo's non-standard accomplishments come out on top? — Gouki
Most Influential Player
  • JabbaTheGriffin- Jabba's success with the rarely seen 'semi-stall' style of play led to him creating an RMT, but nobody could have guessed that it would catch on like wildfire. Carbon copies of his team appeared on the OU ladder, and many players either adapted for it, or tried their hand at their own version. It's rare to get through a week without hearing Jabba linked to the current OU metagame trends. — Gouki
  • Theorymon- Is there even a contest here? Theorymon defines an entire metagame by himself. His ideas dominate the metagame that is supposedly filled with gods. When a player can popularize Delibird in such a metagame, then you know that there is no other player can ever, ever, come even remotely close. — Tangerine
  • Earthworm - Earthworm's accomplishments in Pokémon make everyone take note of anything he says, and you can always count on seeing dozens of people coincidentally using the same team whenever he posts an RMT. — Gouki
  • imperfectluck - The infamous master of stall uses what may be the most well-known team in competitive Pokémon, and its constant tweaks are taken note of by all ladder players. ipl has influenced countless players giving stall a shot, and is a strong contender for most influential player. — Gouki
Most Gimmicky Player
  • Taylor
  • Theorymon
  • Bologo
  • Aeroblacktyl

This award could also be dubbed "Most Creative Player." When making your nominations for this award, try to think about someone who constantly beats you with his/her special Metagross or Roar/Whirlwind Aerodactyl. Alternatively, you can vote for someone who doesn't do well because all he/she uses is gimmicks!

Biggest Upset
  • Atticus Beating the Smogon Frontier
  • DarkLucario winning the Smogon Tour
  • august winning Smogon Tournament 5
  • Team Oceania winning the World Cup

When people make predictions in tournaments based on reputation and history, those predictions are usually right. However, sometimes a person can come out of nowhere to take a big tournament or speed up the ladder — launching him or herself from obscurity to internet fame.

The staff wants to honor another nominee, JabbaTheGriffin's ex-girlfriend not ending up pregnant. This was a huge upset of the year.

Best Overall Battler
  • Earthworm
  • Krack
  • imperfectluck
  • husk
  • Gouki

This award recognizes someone who encompasses traits from all of the above awards someone with style, knowledge, battling prowess, good sportsmanship and maybe a little luck! This is the pinnacle of battling awards.


Nicest User
  • Jimbo
  • jumpluff
  • Hipmonlee
  • reachzero
  • DougJustDoug

We live in a world filled with dread, with insecurity, with evil. From our parents and teachers who have seen fit to steer our dreams straight into the sharp rocks of reality, from our neighbors and friends who stalk our backs plotting for our possessions, from known and unknown enemies lurking in the shadows waiting for the opportune moment to strike at us at our weakest. In such conditions, the world is in short supply of both kindness and appreciation, forcing us to cherish and memorialize any and all of our encounters with them. These users have gone out of their way to provide us with this basic nourishment we sorely need and crave for...

Meanest User
  • Aeolus - Aeolus is so "mean" that everyone refuses to write this bit!
  • Tangerine - As the target of 99% of Tangerine's insults, I know just how sharp his tongue can be. Tangerine's insults have the perfect amount of bite, flare, and style to break down your soul and make you die inside. But really, Tangerine is mean because he cares. — Jimbo
  • Aeroblacktyl - While MoP's meanness doesn't show quite as often as Tangerine's, when it comes out it can sure bite. Aeroblacktyl's insults are short and to the point, and they'll get you where it hurts most. — Jimbo
  • Aldaron - Aldaron is very blunt, if he has something to say, he will say it. This often means he comes out as mean. He is someone you don't want to get on the wrong side of as you will regret it. Not many have survived his wrath, and for those who have, they came out with scars. — Joel
  • Seven Deadly Sins - SDS barks at people like a rabid rottweiler on speed and has that ever so irksome abrasiveness that'll always make you twinge.
Wittiest Poster

cookie - Face it, in the cesspool that is Firebot, cookie shines like a beacon, serving as a role model for every poster in the forum. His threads are stellar, and his posts are filled with his clever wit that makes everyone wonder if he's some remnant of the Golden Age of Firebot that has never really existed. But since every post cookie makes is pure gold, maybe we can usher in such an era. — Tangerine

Most Helpful User
  • darkie - darkie has been one of the most active users in the first three quarters of the year, extremely available to get things done for the site, especially in C&C forums. From grammar to quality writing, darkie excels at it all. darkie was also an integral part in getting the first issue of The Smog up to snuff. — Jimbo
  • RB Golbat - He may be a Golbat but he's as fast as a Crobat - he's one of the most active users on Smogon today, aiding in whatever projects whenever he can and having an ubiquitous moderating presence. Is it any wonder he was so quickly promoted to super mod? He has been active in all aspects of the site, from moderating to researching to even doing grunt work. He is one of the most accountable users on the site. — Tangerine
  • mingot - mingot is always quick to help anyone wanting to learn the art of RNG Abuse. He also uses his mastery of HTML to help others learn and to do projects in C&C. — Jimbo
  • Colin - One look at the Shoddy Battle forum confirms how patient and helpful Colin really is. Anything he is knowledgeable about, he is more than willing to help, no matter how much patience it may require. His professional demeanor, his vast pool of knowledge, and his patience makes him a prime candidate as one of the most helpful users on Smogon. — Tangerine
  • Jimbo - Most people probably have no idea how helpful Jimbo is. When we say Jimbo is "big" - we don't refer to his physical size - we refer to his presence he has made for Smogon. Jimbo is definitely a user that is helping out everywhere he can, from tutoring to the Smog to In-Game expansion to the Smogon awards last year to even moderating Wi-Fi. — Tangerine
Most Improved User
  • Deck Knight - Deck Knight made the transition from a combative Congregation Poster to an active CAP Contributor and a writer for The Smog! — Jimbo
  • Gen. Empoleon - Gen. Empoleon went from a Shoddy Battle cult leader of trolls to a respected and helpful Moderator and Contributor. Changing from posting warstories from time to time to running Little Cup analyses and helping in the CAP project is pretty astounding. — Jimbo
  • Xia - Xia went from firebanned to a badgeholder. Within a year, Xia went from trolling threads in Wi-Fi and making bad posts in Firebot to providing good analyses. — Jimbo
  • Fuzznip - He went from being a constant "Lurk More" and "Incoherent Post" infraction recipient — to being a respected badgeholder, a go-to analysis writer, and quality poster throughout Smogon. The turnaround is amazing. — DougJustDoug
Most Overlooked

Misty - I often call Misty "the glue that holds Smogon together". I say this because if the adhesive is quality enough, no one notices that it is there. Misty is definitely one of those users who hold the site together, in the background, getting all the little things done that is needed to smoothly run the site. Without him there would be so much more bottlenecks.

Then again, it's not like this category is anywhere close, considering Misty is the overwhelming choice and no one else is even remotely close. — Tangerine

Most Approachable
  • darkie - When I first wanted to learn HTML, I knew I couldn't do it alone. I went to two people for help, and one of them was darkie. Darkie helped me learn the basics of HTML and answered countless questions without hesistation or irritation. He's also approachable to other users; people starting out in C&C often look to darkie for help. — Jimbo
  • Jimbo - Being a former wifier, Jimbo knows how to be friendly and approachable, qualities that all mods should have. — RB Golbat
  • reachzero - Approachable perfectly describes reachzero. If you have a question, he will be happy to answer it. He is one of the nicest people on Smogon, which helps make him so approachable. Never be scared to approach him for you will not regret doing so. — Joel
  • Blue Kirby - The other person I went for HTML help is Blue Kirby. However, HTML help is not where Blue Kirby truly shines in terms of being affable. As the leader of the Battling 101 program, Blue Kirby gets countless waves of prospective tutees approaching him with questions, comments, and concerns, and Blue Kirby never pushes them away. — Jimbo
Most Intimidating
  • Aeolus
  • Tangerine
  • Colin
  • Aldaron
  • CaptKirby

As a person that's easily frightened, I can definitely vouch for the intimidation factor of these users. Be it a large vocabulary, high intelligence, general meanness, or that stare that pierces your soul, all of the nominees are excellent at intimidating other users (consciously or not!). — Jimbo

Best Mafia Game
  • Viva la Mafia - Viva had a fresh concept: four small mafia factions that have to get the vast majority of their manpower out of freelancers. It encouraged much more conversation between players to make recruitments successful, meaning everyone got to participate to a great extent. There were some very creative roles all over the place, and the game practically balanced itself out. The game also had lots of flavor to enjoy, particularly through every player having a different kill method. — Mekkah
  • DBZ Mafia - DBZ stood out through its stellar hosting. thunda practically always updated on time, with amazing flavor in role PMs, night results and every update, supported by the great choice for an alias theme: Mr. Men and Little Misses. The gameplay itself had extremely dangerous and creative roles on each side, giving it the real "power" feel, but without having to wait 50 episodes until a fight actually happens. — Mekkah
Best Mafia Player
  • Mekkah- Maybe it's just me, but Mekkah has a way to get most of your information without giving up any of his. Mekkah proved in several mafia games to be a devious planner who can coordinate his team's actions and plan several cycles ahead. — Jimbo
  • dak- dak is usually a village player, though if he is mafia in an anonymous game he will make no secret of it. He manages to squeeze information out of players and hosts alike, and generally always organizes a faction the way he wants it. Usually, he keeps the crucial information to himself and a couple of trusted and skilled players, to keep leaks to an absolute minimum. — Mekkah
  • Brain- Brain doesn't work with deception, but with honesty. He had gathered the DBZ Mafia village in an extremely quick time, almost completely filling his spreadsheet. He has a way of using roles to their maximum efficiency, at the right time, in the right way. — Mekkah
  • Hipmonlee - Hip stands out through his unique way of information management. Unlike many other players, he doesn't immediatly strive for the unison of the village, but rather spreads misinformation to confuse anyone trying to mole. He also thinks up some extremely creative plans when given the opportunity, particularly in Fire Emblem Mafia. — Mekkah
Best Debater
  • Colin - Colin is one of the most logically consistent users on Smogon. It's extremely difficult to argue against him because his logic is flawless from the assumptions that he gives. His arguments are clear, well articulated, and free from fallacies. However, what makes him shine is that he tries his best to try and understand the other person before responding, and engages them in his arguments. — Tangerine
  • Jumpman16 - One way to describe Jumpman16's argument style is "overwhelming". His argument style is to overwhelm you with so many facts to the point where you only then realize the implications of the words you have said. — Tangerine
  • Tangerine - When one thinks of great debaters, Tangerine is one of the first that comes to mind. He has everything you need to be a great debater: the ability to back up his arguments, argue definitions precisely, and one of the most important qualities: stretching his argument to the limit. These all combine to make Tangerine one of the best debaters on Smogon.
  • Brain - Brain is simply one of the most intelligent users whom I've ever encountered in my life. His philosophy in his posts is to be as clear and articulate as possible, and his refined posting style allows him to condense an incredible amount of information into points that anyone can read and understand. He engages many arguments in such a thought provoking way that every debate with him is a learning experience. — Tangerine
  • Blame Game - Despite the slew of "huh", "oh", "lol", and "i don't get it" comments on IRC, on the forums, Blame Game is quite a formidable poster on the forums. He spends time thinking through his posts and what he wishes to articulate and does so effectively. — Tangerine
Best Discussion Sparker
  • Tangerine - This one goes to Tangerine, and second place is nowhere close. Tangerine has made it a personal mission to increase the overall quality of discussion in Smogon, and he has relentlessly taken steps to make that happen. Tangerine is always posing new ideas and proposals. Whether you agree with Tangerine or not — you can't deny that he gets people talking. — DougJustDoug
  • Aldaron - Aldaron has always been a vocal critic of mediocrity, and he's always spoken up against it in the past. He creates brainstorming discussions regarding the quality of various aspects of Smogon, like the Pokemon Analyses. — Tangerine
  • Deck Knight - The biggest discussions in Congregation happen because of Deck Knight. His words inflame the hearts of liberals everywhere, and any post Deck Knight makes is guaranteed to have at least three people respond to it. — Tangerine
Most Influential User
  • Colin - Colin probably had the biggest impact in competitive Pokemon philosophy since he made Shoddy Battle, and I think he deserves this category just based on this influence. — Tangerine
  • Tangerine - Tangerine is always looking for things to improve, is one of the most looked-up-to members on smogon, and has influence beyond his status! Tangerine brought several ideas and plans to Smogon in 2009, like The Smog and the Ingame Expansion project, and he got both off the ground flawlessly. — Gouki
  • Jumpman16 - Jump has been the face of the entire suspect process, and has not only made his mark on countless new Battle Tower players, but could probably keep the entire Frontier scene interesting to follow singlehandedly. — Gouki
Best IRC User
  • Aldaron - Aldaron was one of the pioneers of the way #stark is now run. He wanted to reward people for intelligent, thoughtful discussion and actvity in the channel; his plan worked. #stark's activity skyrocketed and is now a very active Smogon channel filled to be brim with activity. — Jimbo
  • Colin - Colin has been around IRC for a while, and never fails to promote intelligent discussion. He is always there to answer people's questions, and partake in discussions with quality arguments. Colin helps stop discussion going off track, and this makes him among the best users there are on IRC. — Joel
  • Theorymon - Theorymon is one of the most active IRC users, always willing to answer any questions people may have. While some people may be active, but not steer discussion towards quality Pokemon talk, Theorymon is always there to get things back in gear. When there is inciteful discussion, you can always assume Theorymon will be at the center of it all. This all makes him one of the best IRC users there is. — Joel
Best Overall Smogoner
  • Colin - Although he might seem more of a newcomer, when Colin first joined Smogon he wasn't new to Pokemon at all. He has been long known as an intelligent programmer who authored the creation of today's leading Pokemon simulator, Shoddy Battle. When he joined Smogon, he helped with a lot of technical issues on the site. Ever since, he has helped a lot of people and was respected by everyone. — Malfunction
  • Jumpman16 - One of the first members who joined Smogon, Jumpman16 helped shape how today's game is played. He is a leading member of the suspect test project, and has been a tremendous help to everybody with his knowledgable posts.
  • DougJustDoug - DougJustDoug has been an active poster and contributer for quite a while. His contributions, especially to the CAP project, eventually gained him an adminstrator status. A lot of people find DougJustDoug's posts helpful, and always look up to him when they need practically anything.
  • Jimbo - "Surprise". There's a reason that I will nominate Jimbo over someone like Jumpman or Doug (not that they don't deserve this award - they're both excellent users who represent smogon very well). The reason being is that I think Jimbo is pretty much the best we expect out of Smogon users - helpful, constructive, all over the place, and did I mention helpful? Jimbo is the smogon mascot, and pretty much I believe better represents the site mostly because of he's not an "ideal" user like Jumpman or Doug, but a down to earth user. — Tangerine
  • Tangerine - Despite always being the butt of Tangerine's jokes, I find him to be a fantastic Smogoner. He uses his talent for guiding discussion to shape Stark Mountain into a great forum. Tangerine also brings great ideas on Pokemon and Smogon policy to the table; he articulates them well and is usually open to the opinion of others too. Finally, he is one of the founding fathers of the e-zine you're reading at this very moment. — Jimbo


Best Cong Poster
  • Glen
  • Deck Knight
  • Brain

All three of these nominees consistently make thought-provoking and discussion sparking posts in Congregation of the Masses. Seemingly without any problems, they can quickly establish a factual argument or position that is sturdier than a fortress. However, we can say one thing of all of them that is even more important: they all believe in every word that they say. Even if you dislike them because they're on the opposite side of an argument, you have to admit they argue well.

Best Firebot Poster
  • cookie - A cookie post is generally sharp as a new bought razor. They are usually the line needed to connect the dots, with references ranging from old to new, Smogon or non-Smogon memes. — Mekkah
  • Doomsday - Doomsday's humor often goes back to the NetBattle days, where Brazilians would haunt the Smogon server with their terrible English. His posts often reference those, though not in a way that beats a dead horse. In addition, occasionally he whips out a picture editing program for extremely amusing results. — Mekkah
  • #Az - #Az uses the power of ridicule to parody other posts, generally trying to make interactive threads to create a chain reaction of multiple witty posts. He is willing to share the spotlight, though he always makes sure he gets plenty of it himself! — Mekkah
Best Stark Poster
  • Blame Game
  • Lemmiwinks MkII
  • Haunter
  • Jumpman16
  • Legacy Raider

These posters help mold the discussions in Stark Mountain; their posts are always insightful and they always add something to the threads in which they post.

Best Wi-Fi User
  • Mingot - Mingot is one of the pioneers of RNG abuse - he's been handling the research thread for ages and wrote the applet to help with abusing. Mingot is also an extremely helpful Wi-Fi Moderator, always locking threads and handling blacklist matters with the speed of a Jolteon. — Jimbo
  • Wild Eep - Despite being a quieter Wi-Fi User, Wild Eep has ton bucketloads of work for the Wi-Fi community, such as working on cracking the RNG. He also had a nifty trade thread way back. — Jimbo
  • Jimbo - Why was I nominated here? Despite being a Wi-Fi mod, I haven't actively used my Wi-Fi in a long time, so I wouldn't really say I'm a Wifi User anymore. Please, vote for one of the other candidates; they're much more deserving. — Jimbo
  • LightningFusion - LFusion has consistently been an intelligent poster in Wi-Fi, and his posts did not go unrecognized; he became Wi-Fi's very first Mini-Moderator and quickly advanced to full Moderator status. — Jimbo
Best Thread of 2009
  • np: Hax, it's your lucky day - A carefully planned prank that lasted a good three weeks comes to fruition and is revealed by Noah. With DougJustDoug as the ringleader and many badgeholders pretending to argue for and against it, this was a prank that will sure to be remembered in Smogon for years to come.
  • VERY ATROCIOUS RUTHLESS KILLAZ - Shiv, Obi, and Sarenji whip out a Grade-A-old-school-Smogon Troll with kelley as its victim. Between the cunning of Shiv, the commentary from Sarenji, the cluelessness from kelley, or from Obi claiming to be the real kelley, this is a thread that leaves the user laughing out loud.
Best Trou Thread

These threads have some of the dumbest, and yet funniest, posts on Smogon. They contain comedy gold, and while two of the threads are updated periodically with new material, the third remains a classic.

Best Post of 2009

In my opinion, explaining why something, especially a post, is funny is futile and silly. These beautiful posts by DougJustDoug should speak for themselves.

Best Overall Poster
  • Jumpman16 - About 150 years ago, we had a war. Had we not won that war, Jumpman would not be here today. Not only do I realize that, but Jumpman does as well, which is why he takes every opportunity to go all out and display all of his intelligence, as well as his efforts into his posts. But kidding aside, this dude has a major in English from Harvard. It's nearly impossible to not be a good poster with that credential. In fact, the only way you could fuck it up is if you were incompetent and blac—oh. But yeah, he's good at Pokemon, Battle Tower, and English, so it only makes sense that he's good at everything else he does, and that definitely includes posting! — Aeroblacktyl
  • DougJustDoug - DougJustDoug has been an active poster and contributer for quite a while. His contributions, especially to the CAP project, eventually gained him an adminstrator status. A lot of people find DougJustDoug's posts helpful, and always look up to him when they need practically anything. — Malfunction
Best Shoddy Mod
  • kd24
  • imperfectluck
  • panamaxis

These users are on Shoddy a lot and use their main accounts to battle (usually), which is admirable. They're quick on the draw to kick/ban rulebreakers to keep the Shoddy Chat in tip-top shape.

Best Forum Mod
  • darkie
  • Haunter
  • RB Golbat

These nominees always use their Moderator powers to keep rulebreakers in line and quickly find and exterminate alts; they're also quick on the draw to lock bad threads.


Best Writer
  • Legacy Raider
  • Theorymon
  • Sarenji

These nominees use their mastery of prose to make articles jam-packed with information or humor. No matter what the subject, the writing pieces these users produce will always been fantastic reads.

Most Promising New User
  • tripe
  • DCJ
  • Theorymon
  • Malfunction

These users have displayed either a fantastic knack for contributing or great intelligence for discussions, or both! Despite already being upstanding users, they'll surely grow to be even better in the future.

Best Warstory

All three of these stories have all the ingredients that go into making a great warstory: great teams, thoughtful comments, nice formatting, and an exciting ending. Stark Mountain gets a ton of mediocre warstories, but these really stood out as the best of 2009.

Best Tourney
  • The Wyoming Tournament
  • The Ultimate Cup
  • The Reverse Tournament
  • The Late Night Tournament
  • Team Trials II

These Tournaments were innovative, run excellently, and, most of all, fun! They all (save for the Wyoming Tournament) made players think outside the box to do well, and were full of nail-biting battles.

Best Researcher
  • mingot - Mingot has single handily changed the wifi trading environment forever. Between figuring out how to get a Pokemon with the IVs you wanted, to making a nifty application that can allow any person to get the Pokemon whom they want, mingot made sure that Wi-Fi will never be the same again.
  • Colin - Colin has worked continuously this year to get the mechanics for Shoddy 2 absolutely perfect. From a sheer fact-gathering standpoint, his work is impressive. But, on top of that, he has woven the empirical evidence together and formed elegant models for how everything interrelates. Colin has been the ultimate "Pokemon scientist" this year. — DougJustDoug
  • Wild Eep - Wild Eep is another great contributor to the RNG Abuse environment. He also has led the HGSS Illegal Moveset workshop so Shoddy Battle 2 can be as accurate as possible, moveset wise. — Jimbo
  • RB Golbat - RB-Golbat gets a nomination from me for his untiring participation in some of the most laborious research projects this year. Some people may take the results of RBG's research work for granted — but I certainly appreciated it. — DougJustDoug
Best Contributor
  • Theorymon
  • DougJustDoug
  • Legacy Raider

Great contributors are few and far between, but these nominees surely fit the bill. They work tirelessly to contribute all over Smogon in many different ways; from programming for Shoddy Battle and Damage Calculators, to writing peer edits and metagame analyses and managing C&C, these users do it all.

Best Artist
  • Cartoons! - Cartoons has a... cartoony style that's very attractive. His animated Pokemon battles are some of the most wicked things Smeargle's Studio has ever seen, and he even made his own art pieces of the online Pokemon game he designed, CAP Battle. — Jimbo
  • Wyverii - When looking at Wyverii's art, one must realize the amount of detail put into each and every piece of work. Whether it be feathers on a bird or fur on a fox, Wyverii makes her artwork come to life. The most surprising thing, however, is that these masterpieces are created in Microsoft Paint. — Plus
  • CyzirVisheen - I can't quite put my finger on why I love CyzirVisheen's art, but I really do. The figures he draws have style, striking colors, and expressive stances. Cyzir has repeatedly submitted my favorite CAP Art, and despite not always winning, his submissions will always hold a special place in my heart. — Jimbo
  • Rocket Grunt - A new user of 2009, Rocket Grunt hit the Smeargle's Studio scene hard and fast with an innovative and edgy style that had viewers floored. — Jimbo
  • Pirika - Pirika is an exceptional artist with capabilities not normally seen in Pokémon art. His 3D modelling gives Pokémon and locations life like no other artist can on Smogon. His talent doesn't just stop there; he is also highly capable of making stunning banners and logos. — Kevin Garrett
Best Team Rater
  • Bloo
  • Haunter
  • joshe
  • Legacy Raider
  • august

These users put their knowledge of the different Pokemon metagames to good use by helping others make their teams better. Being observant and hard-working is key to being a good team rater, and these nominees have those qualities in abundance. They also have a good grasp of team-synergy and can make changes without destroying that.

Best Editor
  • bojangles
  • diinbong
  • jumpluff
  • Erodent

These oft overlooked users are some of the most helpful on Smogon for reasons of which you may not think. They all use their mastery of the English language for the good of Smogon. Without the work of jumpluff, bojangles, Erodent, and diinbong (among other fantastic editors), the articles on-site would be ridden with terrible grammatical errors. — Jimbo

And that's all! Look forward to the results in next month's issue!

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