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This winter brought a lot to the world of Pokemon and to the Smogon Forums. Activity on ShoddyBattle boomed as Americans and Europeans entered into their winter break. There has also been heated discussion about Salamence's place in the metagame thanks to Philip7086's Policy Review thread. Finally, during this the time since the last Smog issue was published, another round of the OU and UU suspect tests has been completed. With this, Garchomp has been banished to Ubers for good (or at least until Generation 5!). and Honchkrow and Gallade have been sent to BL.

This issue of The Smog has also brought a new way to assign art. What this means for the reader is seeing a lot more fantastic pictures in each issue. We also have new formats for the Interviews and Tournament Coverage pages (thanks to Sarenji, mingot, and Kevin Garrett).


This issue features some special articles such as an article on the Suspect Test by Jumpman16 and a hilarious article on keeping your Pokemon self locked away in the closet, by JabbaTheGriffin. The main feature of this issue, though, has got to be the results of the Smogon Awards. Make sure to check out a discussion thread on the results in The Smog Forum!

I'd like to finish up this article by thanking each and every person that works on The Smog. Coordinating each issue to release it on time takes a lot of work -- not only by members of the Smog Staff. We also have artists, grammar checkers, HTML-izers, and several writers working hard to make The Smog great. To thank them, we'll be making Contributors pages for each issue of The Smog. If you'd like to check out these pages, they can be found underneath the table (on the index) in each issue (we already have ones for all the past issues finished!). One for Issue #6 will be finished very soon.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this issue of The Smog. Remember, we're always happy to feature new artists, so if you have an article idea, or one already finished, send it to SevenDeadlySins and august!


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