Smogon Awards Results

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Welcome to the results article of the Smogon Awards!


We will now announce the winners of each award! And for a special treat, acceptance "speeches" will be included with some of the awards!

Best OU Battler
Winner: Earthworm
Runner-up: Imperfectluck
Best UU Battler:
Winner: Eo Ut Mortus
Runner-up: LonelyNess
Best Uber Battler:
Winner: Jibaku
Runner-up: -Mind-
Best Tournament Player:
Winner: Earthworm
Runner-up: panamaxis
Best Ladder Player:
Winner: imperfectluck
Runner-up: Krack
Most Influential Player
Winner: Theorymon
Runner-up: JabbaTheGriffin
Most Gimmicky Player
Winner: Theorymon
Runner-up: Bologo
Biggest Upset
Winner: Atticus Beating the Smogon Frontier
Runners-up: DarkLucario winning the Tour and Oceania winning the World Cup were tied!
And finally, the winner of Best Overall Battler is...
"Thanks everyone that voted for me! I wish I could split the award amongst the other top battlers that were nominated for this category since some of them deserve it just as much if not more than me."
Runner-up: Imperfectluck
Nicest User
Winner: Jimbo
Runner-up: jumpluff
Meanest User
Winner: Tangerine
"Tangerine, would you like to give a speech?" "No."
Runner-up: Aeroblacktyl
Most Helpful User
Winner: Colin
"I want to thank everybody for selecting me for this award. I've had a lot of fun participating in Smogon over the last year, but I haven't been working alone. The reason Smogon works so well as a community is that we have so many helpful users willing to contribute in various ways, and I expect this will continue through 2010!"
Runner-up: Jimbo
Most Improved User
Winner: Gen. Empoleon
Runner-up: Fuzznip
Most Approachable User
Winner: Jimbo
Runner-up: reachzero
Most Intimidating User
Winner: Aeolus
Runner-up: Tangerine
Best Mafia Game
Viva la Mafia!
Best Mafia Player
Winner: Mekkah
I usually don't like it when the majority votes for me, but for this award I will make an exception. Thanks everyone!
Runner-up: Hipmonlee
Best Debater
Winner: Tangerine
Runner-up: Colin
Most Overlooked User
Winner: Misty
Best Discussion Sparker
Winner: Tangerine
Runner-up: Deck Knight
Most Influential User
Winner: Jumpman16
Runner-up: Tangerine
Best IRC User
Winner: Aldaron
Runner-up: Theorymon
Best Overall Smogoner
Winner: DougJustDoug
And here's our winner! "I'm honored to be recognized for overall participation in the community. This was an exciting year in Smogon, and I had lots of fun being a part of it. I'm not really sure any one individual "deserves" an award like this in Smogon. I happen to work on some highly visible projects, but almost all those projects involve a team or community effort of some kind. So, any credit given to me individually is rightfully shared with all the folks that I worked with over the past year. And, of course, I'm real lucky that April Fool's joke didn't blow up in our faces -- I would never have lived that one down!"
Runner-up: Jimbo
Best Cong Poster
Winner: Brain
Runner-up: Deck Knight
Best Firebot Poster
Winner: cookie
Runner-up: #Az
Best Stark Poster
Winner: Lemmiwinks mk II
Runner-up: Jumpman16
Best Wifi User
Winner: Mingot
Runner-up: Jimbo
Wittiest Poster
Winner: Cookie
Best Thread of 2009
Winner: np: Hax, it's your lucky day
Best Trou Thread
Winner: Future Team Raters
Runner-up: Best of Wifi
Best Post
Winner: DJD's Pimpoleon
Best Overall Poster
Winner: DougJustDoug

I think people may have been confused that they were voting for the Most TL;DR Award, but I'll humbly accept anyway! I spend a lot of time and effort writing posts on Smogon, often agonizing over word choices and formatting. Despite the effort, I know I wrote my fair share of bad posts this past year. So I appreciate that my crummy stuff didn't linger too much or for too long.

And here's a tip to other up-and-coming posters in the community with hopes of getting a posting award someday: 'When you are making a post, try to figure out a way to include a sprite of a pimped-out penguin with an afro. Don't ask why. Just do it.'

Runner-up: Jumpman16
Best Shoddy Mod
Winner: imperfectluck
Runner-up: panamaxis
Best Forum Mod
Winner: Haunter
Runner-up: RB Golbat
Best Writer
Winner: Legacy Raider
Runner-up: Sarenji
Most Promising New User
Winner: Theorymon
Runner-up: DCJ
Best Warstory
Winner: Assumptions and Bluffs
Runner-up: ReyScarface's When Latino's Collide
Best Tourney
Winner: Ultimate Cup
Runner-up: Late Night Tournament
Best Researcher
Winner: mingot
Runner-up: Colin
Best Contributor
Winner: Theorymon
Runner-up: DougJustDoug
Best Artist
Winner: CyzirVisheen
Runner-up: Cartoons!
Best Team Rater
Winner: Haunter
Runner-up: Legacy Raider
Best Editor
Winner: jumpluff
Runner-up: bojangles

Congratulations to all of the winners! We'll see you next year!

Trivia Clue #7
_ _ _ _ _ t _ _ _ b _ _ _ _ _ _ t _ _ _ a _ _
The final clue is here! Of course we're going to have to ramp up the difficulty. An amazing art piece was declared the Best Piece of Art in The Smog Awards 2012. Find that article with that absolutely astounding piece for the final clue and question.

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