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The past few weeks have brought a lot to the world of Pokemon. For one, the next generation of Pokemon was announced by Junichi Masuda himself. Not only that, but the first two Pokemon were revealed: Dark-types Zorua and Zoroark. Speculation has been raging in Stark Mountain on what exactly the fifth generation will bring (I personally am hoping for a Lapras evolution, I mean, really, Lapras is so awesome)...

The world of UU has also been shaken up quite a bit. Cresselia and Porygon-Z were both released into the metagame with the turn of the new OU/UU lists. Both of these ducks really caused quite a stir, enough to be voted back into oblivion by a supermajority.

As for OU (or more specifically, suspect), Stage 3-4 has winded down. This could very well be the last of Stage 3, so eyes are all glued to the Suspect Forum to see how Manaphy and Latias will be voted.

Another thing I want to discuss is writers for The Smog. You may notice that this issue of The Smog is somewhat smaller than the last. This is because we are lacking the fresh blood that The Smog needs to grow. We at The Smog really yearn for new writers to come forward to write. If you're interested in writing, look out for a thread in The Smog forum where you can discuss new article ideas. If you're a good writer, we'd even be OK with you writing for some of the recurring articles like the Featured RMTs!

Finally, I hope everyone is excited for the next issue of The Smog—the anniversary issue!

Happy reading!


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