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Article and art by Kevin Garrett.
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  Player +/- Breakdown
1hankeNRThe top spot has to go to the latest champion of the Smogon Tournament. The journey hanke took to winning the trophy wasn't easy. He played a slew of well known players including LonelyNess, Stathakis, Junior, Kinneas, and the final against Earthworm.
26A9 Ace MatadorNRAce Matador has been the frontrunner in the Smogon Tour standings for a few weeks now. He has shown he is capable in winning in all tiers and has to be taken as a major threat in the final rounds. UU appears to be his best tier by far, but his performances in OU and Uber have been nothing to scoff at. He seems to have an edge against his opponent, Aqualouis, in the majority of tiers.
3Lady BugNRUp until the last few weeks, Lady Bug wasn't even being considered for this list. Now he is in the first half of the list. Lady Bug has come out of the nowhere with impressive amounts of points in consecutive weeks. His game appears to be very well rounded. The true test will be if he can replicate his recent performances in the finals. His first round opponent is Atticus, who won a little something called Smogon Frontier.
4EarthwormNREarthworm was a fan favorite to win Smogon Tournament #6. After winning what many considered to be the final matchup with panamaxis, he was taken down handily by hanke. Getting to the finals of this tournament is nothing to be taken lightly, which is why he is so high on the list even though he didn't win the trophy.
5DarkLucarioNRHe's back to another finals and looking for his second trophy in as many seasons. DarkLucario impressed us all by winning Smogon Tour in Season 8, which came as a surprise to some, having seen Loki decrowned in the second round. He is showing no signs of backing down with the third seed in the Smogon Tour standings. His opponent, _Rewer_, is very well rounded, but so much to the point where he isn't dominant in any tier. DarkLucario appears to have the advantage in two out of three.
6panamaxisNRIt would be hard to find someone who says panamaxis doesn't deserve a trophy. He made consecutive trips to the semifinals in Smogon Tournament, an achievement that should be respected. Gouki is one of the only other players to do something similar in this generation. He didn't stay disappointed for long because here he is with good position in the final rounds of Smogon Tour. Could this finally be the breakthrough he'll get or will he be unsatisfied a little longer?
7LokiNRLoki needs no introduction to a list of best tournament players. He is one of only three elite players to wield two official Smogon trophies. While Loki's performance in the regular season of Smogon Tour wasn't anything to jump for joy about, he has once again proven his consistent ability to win in large amounts. Loki is the higher seed in his first round matchup against imperfectluck, making this a high profile matchup.
8Zak91NRZak91 missed the finals of last season's Smogon Tour due to a disqualification. This season he has wiped his slate clean and set out what he meant to do last season, which is make the Top 8. Zak91 had strong performances in OU and Uber, but lacked any real success in UU. His opponent, LonelyNess, is an expert UU player. Their match will surely come down to a game of Ubers.
9AbutornNRAbutorn made a big jump in the standings in the final week of competition by winning a Tour. He played consistently in every tier, showing great success in UU. Now he is in a first round matchup against me, and he owns the lead in UU points earned this season. Our Ubers points are equal, so you can bet that will be the match to decide our fates.
10ConflictNROf all the lower seeds in Smogon Tour, Conflict is definitely in the best position for the first round. He is paired with xtrashine, giving him an advantage in two tiers. His outings in Uber were success all season long and he could possibly steal OU from xtrashine since he isn't too shabby in that either. I see Conflict as being the easy favorite to win this matchup.
11Kevin GarrettNRI fell shorter than expected this season in Smogon Tour. My position in the standings dropped quite a few places in the final week. Nevertheless, I can't complain with my first round matchup, since I have the advantage in OU and we're nearly equal in the Uber tier. Compared to the others who tied for 12th in the standings, my pairing is manageable. I have to like my chances since I've been in this position before.
12LonelyNessNRLonelyNess couldn't match his previous performances in UU during the final week, which left him tied for 12th in the standings. His first round matchup is interesting, since he and Zak91 have a clear advatange in one tier each. The deciding game will likely be for the Uber tier, where Zak91 collected 14 points and LonelyNess 9. Don't let the difference fool you; since LonelyNess has a good grip on UU, he can focus all his energy on Uber.
13imperfectluckNRMissing the last week of competition really hurt imperfectluck. He slid all the way down to 11th in the standings, giving him a first round matchup with Loki. As I said before, this is a very high profile matchup. The problem for imperfectluck is that Loki has proven himself successful in all tiers during this Smogon Tour, whereas imperfectluck has struggled in everything except UU. UU also happens to be Loki's most successful tier, making it a pivotal game for imperfectluck to win.
14AtticusNRAll the way at the bottom of the standings you find Atticus. Easy win for Lady Bug right? Wrong. You might have heard that Atticus won a little something called Smogon Frontier, which had never been done before (or since). This is one of those matchups where you want to throw away everything these players did during the regular season if you are trying to predict a winner. Though Lady Bug performed better than Atticus, it doesn't mean he stands no chance of winning.
15xtrashineNROf all the higher seeds in Smogon Tour, xtrashine is in the most trouble by far. He has proven that he can collect a lot of points in OU tournaments, but that's about it. He comes into the finals with absolutely no momentum in the other two tiers. In order to succeed in Smogon Tour, you need to have a well-rounded game. Even if xtrashine manages to beat Conflict, I wouldn't predict him to win in the second round.
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