Featured Type: Bug

By Reverb. Art by Caladbolg~.
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Originally stigmatized as weak Pokemon and moves that one encounters at the beginning of their Pokemon adventure, the Bug-type has grown to become a dominant force in today's metagame. Bug is one of the most versatile Pokemon types; equipped with high-stat Pokemon and unique moves, Bug has left its imprint on the game of Pokemon. When building a team in OU or UU, you will often find that a Bug-type Pokemon will be a positive addition to your team, as Bug Pokemon tend to synergize well. Additionally, with unique moves like U-turn and Signal Beam, Bug can claim many of the game's most exceptional moves. Ultimately, the capabilities of the Bug-type makes it a dangerous force in today's metagame.

Bug on the Offensive – OU

While often overshadowed by Lucario in the post-Platinum environment, Heracross is nonetheless a fantastic sweeper with a plethora of viable options. While 125 base Attack makes Heracross a strong attacker, its sweeping potential is often marginalized by its mundane 85 base Speed, but the attachment of a Choice Scarf makes this setback a non-issue. Its ability, Guts, combined with Flame Orb makes Heracross a dangerous sweeper. Access to great STABs, Close Combat and Megahorn, and the ability to power up via Swords Dance makes Heracross a powerful addition to any team that has room for it.

While Ninjask does not have stellar overall stats, its 160 base Speed makes it the fastest Pokemon in OU. As if blistering Speed was not enough, Ninjask also has the ability, Speed Boast, which raises its Speed stat one level for every turn Ninjask it on the field. With access to Baton Pass, Ninjask is able to pass its Speed increase to a stronger sweeper, along with any Attack increases it can get via Swords Dance.

Scizor is the reigning king of OU. Its gigantic 130 base Attack and respectable base 70 / 100 / 80 defenses make Scizor an excellent Pokemon that fits on nearly every team. A Technician-boosted STAB Bullet Punch is a dangerous force, especially with Choice Band attached. The scouting provided by STAB U-turn and the ability to trap via Pursuit make Scizor the ideal provider of team support. Access to Swords Dance coupled with Life Orb makes Scizor an outstanding sweeper, but if you want a bulky stat-upper, replacing Life Orb with Leftovers and giving Scizor Roost to heal is an option.

With 116 base Special Attack and 95 base Speed, Yanmega is a solid sweeper if your team can fit it on. With STAB Bug Buzz and STAB Air Slash, Yanmega has good coverage. Yanmega is also blessed with two excellent abilities, Speed Boost and Tinted Lens. If 95 base Speed isn't zippy enough, the ability to raise its Speed stat every turn is a great asset. Running Protect on the boosting set ensures Yanmega will be able to become faster than the opposing Pokemon before it has to engage it. If you want Yanmega to truly rip apart opposing teams, Tinted Lens will multiply the power of your resisted hits by two. When coupled with Choice Specs, Yanmega can cripple a team that isn't prepared.

Bug on the Defensive – OU

Forretress is the epitome of an OU Spikes stacker. Its 140 base Defense compensates for its mediocre 75 base HP, and while 60 base Special Defense is undesirable, its immense Defense allows it to distribute its EVs to the special side of the defensive spectrum, making for an all-around bulky Pokemon. With access to all three entry hazards, the only thing Forretress lacks is reliable recovery. This is quickly remedied by Wish support, making it an ideal member of any stall team.

Bug on the Offensive – UU

Scizor's younger brother, Scyther is the lonewolf Bug of UU. With a strong 110 base Attack and impressive 105 base Speed, Scyther is an excellent sweeper in the UU metagame. With access to STAB U-turn, CB Scyther is an outstanding scouter. Technician-boosted Aerial Ace is another great STAB move. Additionally, Swords Dance enables Scyther to easily double its Attack, making it a great choice for a sweeper. Scyther's main drawback is its quadruple weakness to Stealth Rock. To remedy this, make sure to have a spinner on your team.

Notable Bug-type Moves


Bug Bite - 60 Base Power - 100% Accuracy - Receives effect from opponent's held berry.

Bug Bite may seem like a poor move with only 60 Base Power, but keep in kind that its commonplace users, Scyther and Scizor, have the Technician ability, which allows them to boost the power of Bug Bite. Bug Bite's secondary effect should not be overlooked. Scizor is often checked by Heatran, who may be carrying the Shuca Berry. Although it rarely makes a difference, Bug Bite's secondary effect is extremely useful in certain situations.

Megahorn - 120 Base Power - 85% Accuracy - No additional effect.

Megahorn is a powerful 120 Base Power move that is often utilized in OU by Heracross in tandem with Close Combat for exceptional coverage. In the UU environment, it can be a useful auxiliary attack for Rhyperior, who is often walled by bulky Grass-types.

U-turn - 70 Base Power - 100% Accuracy - User switches out after use.

When executed properly, U-turn allows a player to force multiple switches and scout the opponent's team. It is especially useful on balanced teams because it allows the user to control the speed of the game. The surprise factor of U-turn will further serve to give the user an advantage. Scizor and Jirachi are fantastic users because they resist a broad range of attacks and lack a weakness to Stealth Rock.

X-Scissor - 80 Base Power - 100% Accuracy - No additional effect.

X-Scissor's usefulness has declined since Bug Bite was made available to Scizor and Scyther. Nevertheless, it is a reliable attack that is often seen as a complementary move for Drapion, Toxicroak, and Kabutops. While it is not prodigiously strong, it provides solid coverage and can enable a sweeper to take down a would-be counter.


Bug Buzz - 90 Base Power - 100% Accuracy - 10% chance to lower target's Special Defense by one stage.

Bug Buzz is a reasonably powerful special attack. It is heavily associated with Yanmega, its only viable user. Yanmega utilizes Bug Buzz as its main STAB move to pull off sweeps against the opponent. The 10% chance to lower the target's Special Defense often enables Yanmega to 2HKO would-be 3HKO switch ins.

Signal Beam - 75 Base Power - 100% Accuracy - 10% chance to confuse target.

Signal Beam has never been a good STAB attack, since it is outclassed by Bug Buzz. However, it is useful auxiliary attack for many non-Bug Pokemon. Starmie is often able to pull off a surprise OHKO against Celebi by using this move. In UU, it enables Alakazam to take down Dark-types without resorting to relying on Focus Blast's shaky accuracy.


While Bug certainly has its drawbacks, they are often easily dealt with, which allows Bug-type Pokemon and moves to shine. While a 2x Stealth Rock weakness is unappealing, the availability of Rapid Spinners and the commonality of Stealth Rock-resistant secondary typings makes this only a minor setback. Resistance to Bug moves is often neutralized by Tinted Lens, an ability only available to Bug-type Pokemon. Fortunately for the Bug-type, it also has many blessings. With one-of-a-kind moves, and high-stat Pokemon, Bug is definitely an exceptional type.

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