Battle of the Week

Rules: How to vote

There are three stages to the process, and they are as follows:

  1. Every week, users of Smogon are permitted to submit nominations by posting up to three other Smogon users in the Battle of the Week thread. Note that this means you cannot nominate yourself. To be eligible, the nominee must meet the following simple criteria:
    - must have an account on Smogon that has been online sometime during the last week
    - must not be on the List of users that don't want to or can't participate in the Battle of the Week

  2. The nominations will be counted, and the top ten most nominated players will be placed into a poll where everyone will be able to vote for any number of players in the pool. The player that receives the most votes after 24 hours will be one of the battlers in the battle of the week. Again, the poll will be found in the usual thread. Please don't vote for yourself.

  3. There will then be a second and final poll to determine who the player who won the first poll will play against. Potential matchups will be listed in the format 'Winner vs A' through to 'Winner vs I', which means the other nine in the previous pool will all still be eligible to play against the winner of the first poll. The most popular matchup will then be publicly scheduled in the thread, and a time will be arranged, most likely on the weekend. Once again, please don't vote for yourself.

Every so often, there will also be a Tier Poll. This allows users to pick what Tier they want the battle to be for that particular week.

The battle will be completed, recorded, and reported about, and then the process will be repeated, with the program probably lasting around ten weeks. Should the Battle of the Week turn out to be a major success, it may continue on for a longer, yet to be determined length of time. If anyone has any suggestions for changes or themes or anything interesting that you can come up with, feel free to PM Earthworm on the forums or on IRC.