VGC 2009 Season


With the advent of the 2009 VGC season came a major expansion to the VGC tournaments. This year had six Regional Championships scattered across the US, concluding with a National Championships. England, France, and Germany also had National Championships, while Spain had a qualifier for the French National Championships. All these National Championships summed up with an International World Championships in San Diego. The ruleset was very similar to 2008, with an Uberesque ban list, including all the titular legendaries and event Pokemon, but leaving Latios, Latias, and Garchomp all unbanned. The tournament was played at level 50, with no auto level feature, and so Tyranitar and non-event Dragonite were also banned due to this limitation. Naturally, it was also doubles like all other VGCs.

Regional Stops

Seattle, WA

The first 2009 Regional Championship was held in the Seattle Center on May 9th, and over 200 people showed up to try their hand at being the Northwest Regional Pokemon champion. Raze17 ended up taking that honor.

San Francisco, CA

The second Regional Championship was May 16th in sunny San Fransisco. More than 300 people attended to enjoy the good Pokemon fun, with our own Huy coming out on top.

Phoenix, AZ

Up next was Phoenix, and 200+ people contended for the title, but Smogon's zerowing ended up the champion.

Dallas, TX

Attendance in Dallas was solid with about 300 people attending, despite the Texas heat. Alaka emerged from the scuffle with the trophy however.

Philadelphia, PA

The biggest Regional Championship by far, Philly had more than 600 people vying for the mere 128 competitor spots in the lottery, meaning that many of Smogon's players were unable to even give it a shot, but Pokethan made it through that barrier and wound up victorious.

Nashville, TN

The final Regional Championship, and the last hope for many players including imperfectluck and OmegaDonut who traveled together and took runner-up and champion respectively.



Worlds were held in San Diego California from August 14th to 15th at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton.