Warnings are given for various rule-breaking offenses. They can be worth one to three points and last 21 to 90 days depending on the offense and severity of each case. If someone is caught repeating the same offense, a 90 day Repeated Offense warning is given. Note that except for Spam and Illegal Activities, Firebot posts are usually not warned. There is a full guide to the rules of Smogon, located here.

If you receive three points total at any time, you will be moved to the "I could be banned!" usergroup, which will entail reduced posting rights, in addition to a visible title showing your decreased status in the community. If you receive four points total at any time, you will be banned until one of the four points expires.

Here is a list of the different types of warnings that can be given by a moderator:

  • Wi-Fi Blacklist: (0 Points, indefinite) This is given to users who are placed on the Wi-Fi blacklist for hacking, scamming or disconnecting in battles. There are no points for this warning; however, you will have a large red custom title announcing that you are blacklisted.
  • Tournament Ban: (2 Points, ? days) This is given to users who are banned from joining Tournaments for any reason, such as due to cheating or poor behavior. The length of the infraction is at the discretion of the Tournament Directors depending on the severity of your offense; additionally, you will receive a large red custom title to indicate that you are tournament banned.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct: (1 point, 21 days) Although some smack talk in tournaments is certainly allowed, it's important to keep your cool. There's a difference between friendly dissing and being outright demeaning, and if you're not sure which one your post falls under, just don't post it.
  • Illegal Activities: (1 Point, 21 Days) Linking to ROMs, Warez, etc. is forbidden. Discussions of ROM hacking and patching and emulators are allowed. It's just piracy that isn't.
  • Thread Necromancy: (1 Point, 21 Days) Do not bump old threads. Making meaningless posts in threads that have long since died is strictly prohibited. If you have something of consequence you'd like to add to a thread that has fallen off the front page, feel free to do so. All "bump", "to the top", etc. posts will be warned and deleted without exception. If someone actually adds something to the thread, they will not be warned for it. Like with double posting, often times this is paired with "I'm bumping this because...". Note that Contributions & Corrections is an exception to this rule. Keep in mind that mods can see deleted posts, so no stealth bumping either.
  • Multiple Posting/Flooding: (1 Point, 21 Days) People who do not know where the edit button is get this one. Civil double posts (can often be recognized by something like "sorry for the double post, but for emphasis I believe I'm going to have to start a new one here") will often be excused - clearly the poster is aware of what he's doing. Anyone spamming up the forums in a malicious manner will actually be banned outright as soon as possible, so do not mix that up.
  • Lurk More: (1 Point, 21 Days) If there was a vague definition of this, it would be "he just doesn't get it". Usually, this is someone breaking a Smogon-wide rule that is not covered by another warning. A good example of this is someone making a thread in Smeargle's Studio asking about Pok√©mon. This warning is oftentimes similar to Forum Specific Rule. If you get this warning, you should take a step back and read more posts on the forums to get a better handle on the posting style and quality of Smogon.
  • Junior Modding: (1 Point, 21 Days) This one has some fine lining to it. People commanding the moderators in any way (such as "move this to Trou", "this thread should be locked") is usually what this warning is for. "In before lock", or anything similar is surefire Junior Modding. Telling other members that they've broken a rule in a civil manner is acceptable, but the better option is to just PM a moderator and politely alert them.
  • Incoherent Post: (1 Point, 21 Days) Generally, this category entails use of chat speak or leetspeak. Other posts that can be warned with this category include posts that use excessive heavy coloring and posts that have to be deciphered before they can be read properly. Accidental typos are acceptable, but intentional mistakes (such as "liek" or substituting numbers for letters) are not tolerated.
  • Forum Specific Rule: (1 Point, 21 Days) This warning is given for breaking a rule that only applies to the forum the post is in. This is one of the most common warnings in the Competitive Discussion and the Contribute forums. Good examples include someone giving a bad team rate with no battling experience to back it up, posting a Peer Edit without proper format or not listing an entire team in RMT. Please read the Rules Sticky in each forum to understand what these rules are. When you are warned with this, a moderator will tell you which rule you broke.
  • Trolling: (2 Points, 60 Days) The general Internet definition of trolling tends to be "trying to lure a negative reaction", generally done by playing Devil's advocate in a really extreme and annoying way. Stupid RMTs with 6 Wurmples fall under this too. This one is hard to draw an exact line for, but generally the moderators will know it when they see it, and their decisions are final.
  • Repeated Offense: (2 Points, 90 Days) If someone was warned for something before and he or she does it again, this warning will be given out.
  • Insulted Another Member(s): (2 Points, 60 Days) Someone insulting, insinuating, or otherwise calling out a member in a rude way. Insulting includes calling names, telling someone to shut the fuck up, saying he sucks, etc. Note that saying a set or a move is stupid is not insulting a member, merely their ideas. Also note that there is an exceptionally thin line between "trash talking" and "insulting" and if you think you're doing the former outside of the Tournaments forum you'll likely get infracted for insulting another member.
  • Disrespected Staff: (2 Points, 60 Days) Same as above, except it is directed at Moderators+. This warning is usually reserved for people who send dumb and disrespectful replies to warnings.
  • Creating Multiple Accounts: (2 Points, 60 Days) If you create another account to actively use on the forums, for whatever reason, it will be banned and your main account will be warned.
  • Inappropriate Language: (1 Point, 30 Days) This is reserved for attempting to bypass our word filter by intentionally using slurs or derivatives of banned slurs. Swearing on the whole, however, isn't outright banned.
  • Advertising: (2 Points, 60 Days) This one is simple, as long as you know where to put the line between "this site has the answer to your question" and "this site is awesome, check it out, www.otherwebsite.com".
  • Plagiarism: (3 points, 90 days) Submitting creative content to the site (writing, art, etc.) that is not your own original work is strictly against the rules. Those with this infraction might also be banned from contributing to Smogon in the future.
  • Malicious Use of Personal Information: (3 points, 90 days) While personal information such as pictures or (first) names technically has entered the public domain to a degree as soon as it's posted in social threads or servers, this does not mean it's fair game to use to make fun of other users. Malicious use of personal information is quite a few notches above generally insulting other members and as such will result in a three month 3-point (ICBB) infraction; naturally this will be escalated on subsequent or particularly extreme offenses.
  • Malicious Account: (4 points, never) If you're actually bothering to read the rules, odds are you won't be getting this infraction. It only exists to permanently remove completely toxic accounts (spambots, shock site spammers, those created just to post constant "FUCK YOU SMOGON" threads, etc.)
  • Custom Warning: (? points, ? days) While the other infractions cover most of what you shouldn't do on Smogon, there's always some gray area involved with rules. The amount of points and length of time for custom warnings are left up to moderator discretion. Essentially, just don't be a dick.