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May 2, 2013
Aug 3, 2008
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May 2, 2013
    1. Banryu
      ...oh also, Mr. Mime wasn't a part of the trio that Electabuzz and Magmar were in. :0 Jynx was the left-out person in this equation. (2nd Gen: Magmar/Electabuzz/Jynx got prevos, 4th Gen... Magmar and Electabuzz get evos. That's it? Where's Jynx's evo? C'mon, give us something that's not hideous.) Jynx wants an evo more than Mr. Mime does.
    2. Banryu
      Re: Pokemons that should've evolved

      - Tauros -> Baffuron
      - Luvdisc -> Mamanbo
      - Xatu -> Shinpora
      - Pachirisu -> Emonga

      :0 You're right, dude. Older stuff totally should have evolved into these ridiculously similar-looking guys... I just hope Gamefreak is only playing a prank on us by not revealing that these guys are all evolved from pre-existing things.... =___=

      v Waaaay too literal. This is a game where lizards/termites/fish turn into dragons, otters turn into walruses, eggs turn into palm trees, etc. It's not absurd for a bull to turn into a buffalo. :\
    3. Bombkirby
      "Tauros - We got an afro bull in this gen, but the afro bull isn't related to Tauros at all. Would be cool if he was Tauros' alternate form. :("

      Its a BUFFALO! Not a Bull! They aren't related!

      Thats my lil pet peeve. Have a nice day! :D
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    I am LOLUMAD? from PO. Please do not be offended by that name.
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