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Apr 21, 2015 at 9:05 AM
Aug 11, 2009
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199 Lives

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    1. Agammemnon
      Hey dude, we're paired for Hoenn Cup, so don't hesitate to tell when you can play !
      I'm GMT +2 and I usually land on French Time but we can meet anywhere else, no prob
    2. ala
      Hey, when do you wanna play for the mirror tourney? I'm est-5 and can be on usually 6-midnight or later, I'll be on irc on #dreamworld.
    3. Vaz
      We got paired for the Suspect Tournament. I will be getting my team ready, when we are both done we shall arrange a time then.
    4. Vinc2612
      Hi, we are paired for Mirror Tournament. I'm available almost every day (exept this sunday), from 5:00 am to 3:00 pm (us east). If it's good for you, choose a date and a hour. If it isn't, when can you play ?
    5. undisputed
      hey when are we playing for no switch??
    6. celebi_vor
      Hi, we have to play for the bo3-Tournament. I`m at GMT+2. Let me know when you have time to play
    7. elDino
      Ok, let's go. Smogon server.
    8. elDino
      Hey man, when do you wanna play for the Mirror tourney? I'm at GMT, VM me back with a time etc.
    9. Playa
      Make sure you save some logs for me to read once my exams are done.
    10. snorlax
      hey when do you want to battle for ghosts finals? Im GMT-5, and prefer weekends or thursday or friday afternoon. let me know what works for you
    11. zarator
      Hello, I'd like to inform you that, if you don't PM me your Strikeout Pokémon for the Round 1 of Strikeout Tournament: Black/White edition within approximately 20 hours, you are going to be replaced with a substitute.
    12. BlazeMurder
      lets get the battle in tomorrow
    13. Vaz
      Hey, you want to battle now on the Smogon server?
    14. Vaz
      I will see if I can get on then, if not can we battle around the same time tommorow?
    15. Vaz
      We got paired for the Ghost of Your Past Tournament Round 3. Our tier is terrorist cup, so I need to get my team ready, then whenever you are ready as well we can battle. I live in GMT+10, just so you know.
    16. Playa
      suck my penis
    17. Playa
      come on son its not that hard
    18. Playa
      read my message on tu
    19. Playa
      you are the boss win that tour
    20. Marcurcio
      What server?
    21. Marcurcio
      Should work, let me see if my shoddy is working ok.
    22. Marcurcio
      Both Wednesday and Thursday would work for me seeing as I have school at your times on Monday Tuesday and Friday. Can you do 4:30 pm my time on Wednesday?
    23. Synth_Metal
      im done with finals, so what time you want
      im in Pacific Standard Time
    24. Playa
      only you know what you've been up to. but the sexiest aussie has been having a good time and only came back to pokes properly 3 days ago. you need to start coming to irc so that we can chat and we need to make a channel
    25. Playa
      you're sexy. where you been hanging?
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