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Nov 14, 2010
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    1. trikx_insane
      Sorry to keep you waiting since no one else has approached to help you clone. Just busy EV training for someone and then cloning for them. Hope you understand! ^^ If you still need help with cloning, reply to this msg and I'll get back to you when I'm free, which will be soon.
    2. evan0913
      Yeah I don't think you picked all you wanted yet... lol xD
      Also although I am in Aus, my day times are pretty messed up. I am doing research work so I just stay at home to work most days. I would get up at like 12 and then sleep at around 5am... lol
    3. evan0913
      That's alright thank you :)
      I am in Australia so the timezones will be different :P I've updated my thread alot these days, feel free to change what you wanted if you like :)
      Also I can clone back for you.
    4. evan0913
      Hi, thanks for replying back :D
      My roomate has just got AR so I can clone back if you like. But may take around 30 min cos it involves transferring from 2 DSs
    5. Troggy
      Not a problem, enjoy the Cleffa :)
    6. Troggy
      Alright, heading on now
    7. Troggy
      OK back.
    8. Troggy
      Hey, I can trade now if you want.

      Edit: Back in ~30 mins
    9. Troggy
      If it would help, I'll try to be on #smogonwifi tomorrow evening.
    10. Troggy
      It would need to be between about 5:00pm and 11:00pm EST.
    11. Troggy
      Hey, actually something came up today and I won't be home until late tonight. Sorry to keep delaying this...but how about tomorrow? >.<
    12. Troggy
      Yeah, it'll be on 4th gen. I'll use my Heartgold FC. Looks like I barely missed you. How's tomorrow?
    13. Troggy
      Hey, something came up today. Sorry I missed you. When will be the next good time for you to trade?
    14. evan0913
      Sure :D Thank you very much for your time :) No rush
    15. GXStrider
    16. GXStrider
      Hows it going?
    17. GXStrider
      Cheers, once thats finished maybe you'd like another.
    18. GXStrider
      Thats cool please do the one below that'd be grand offering 2 credits in my opening trade thread. I'm happy to wait. the Tutor moves are 4th Gen and I'd like it 4th gen. I can also clone you a copy.
    19. GXStrider
      I need (BP):
      Blaziken (Lv. 30 as a Combusken)
      -No Egg Moves
      -Tutor Moves:
      Vacuum Wave
      Mild Nature
      Nickname: Hellfire

      if you can do taht I'll set you up with another.
    20. GXStrider
      I need some BP's and CP's on 4th Gen. Sorted on the Palkia. Thanks.
    21. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      thanks for the naive/ice ditto
    22. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      sure, no problem. If ready, I'll be on wifi in about 5 minutes.
    23. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      I actually do have wifi at work now as I'm ready to trade from my 4th gen trade FC in my signature, just let me know when around.
    24. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      probably best after 6pm eastern time until around 10pm
    25. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      excellent, let's plan on tomorrow since it's already midnight here.
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