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  • Hey, I have some really bad news. My mom accidently washed my Black version in my pants pocket and it completely stopped working. So, all the hard work that I have put into the game, not to mention the help with pokemon that you've given me, is completely gone. For the most part, however, I may have a way to get another Black version from my friend Robbie seeing as he doesn't play his anymore. :/

    I'll have to start from the beginning again...
    Hey, I'll have wi-fi when I go to visit my grandmother this weekend while my parents are out of town. Hopefully, we can battle and trade and I have but a few pokemon requests, if it's no bother to you ofcourse.
    Hey, I had an idea for your team. It seems that a Sand team may be best for your. You can run Excadrill, Thunderus, Hippowdon/Tyranitar, Claydol, Blissey, Scizor, Bronzong, Gastrodon, Mamoswine and Metagross in combinations for your team. I researched some stats and found that Excadrill and Thunderus or Hippowdon/Tyranitar and Thunderus can be ran together in a combo EQ+Flying type evasion combo. Also, you mentioned you wanted to run Scizor; it can be ran effectively with Blissey as a literal Firewall with this set:
    [IMG]Blissey@Leftovers; NaturalCure ability; Bold nature
    252 Hp/252 Defense/4 Sp.Defense
    1)Wall: CalmMind, Toxic, Softboiled, HealBell
    2)Offensive Wall: Softboiled, Healbell, Mudslap & CalmMind
    3)Support Wall Annoyer: Wish, Rest, SleepTalk & Healbell
    4)Defensive Set-Up Wall: DefenseCurl, Seismictoss, CalmMind & Psychic
    Hey. Lol. I can efficiently communicate through this while I'm at school. I can only access my FB account on my friend's phone so that's why I haven't really been on much. I'll be getting a computor and internet soon. But, in the mean time, I figure that we can talk through Smogon. :)
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