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Mar 3, 2017
Jun 13, 2007
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Nowhere near Wisconsin


Male, from Nowhere near Wisconsin

Playing Pokemon Moon Battle Spot and trying to get a Battle Tree streak. Jan 18, 2017

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Mar 3, 2017
    1. adman2
      Playing Pokemon Moon Battle Spot and trying to get a Battle Tree streak.
    2. adman2
      Back after I left before Black 2 even came out. . .
    3. adman2
      If you Protect at the wrong turn during an Outrage, it prevents the attack from finishing and therefore stops the confusion. The Protect trick only works for 2-turn Outragers, and you had bad luck that time.
    4. BlueExorcist19
      dude not to complain or such but how did your garchomp go from outrage to earthquake without getting confused im like over baffled here lol
    5. yandere1337
      See u inside
    6. adman2
      Yeah, Forretress just kind of sits there for me. I may replace it and Weavile with a kind of Stealth Rock Mamoswine. . .
    7. St Anger
      St Anger
      gg man, sorry bout delay in beginning.
    8. adman2
      I think your connection was bad, or you just stayed on the whole time. Usually disconnecting and reconnecting works with this kind of situation.
    9. YouTube
      Yo what's up bad connection or something?
    10. Triggz
      No problem enjoy it
    11. adman2
      Vaporeon ALWAYS survives with just a little HP left to annoy me. I hate fighting Vaporeon. I need to stop mucking around with taking hits and go hyper offense (with or something. I liked that about my 4th gen Rain team; when it worked, it killed everything.

      Prediction wars never go well for me.
    12. Majora_younglink
      Also you didn't do bad at all. Your Garchomp threatened to sweep half my team if I didn't perfectly predict what you were doing to do. The confusion hax kinda sucked though but that's a risk you take when you run Outrage. :P
    13. adman2
      I guess I wouldn't mind. It was a pretty shameful performance on my part; I sent in Garchomp too early. My team stinks, and I'm not quite sure how to fix it. :(

      I may kick Ferrothorn for Forretress. There's too much stuff running Fighting moves now for Ferrothorn to reach its potential.
    14. Majora_younglink
      Oh also you should probably post on my profile instead of your own. I don't get notice if you post on your own profile. lol

      And my team has some pretty solid Conkel counter in Zapdos if they lack stone edge (most do).

      PS: Crit didn't matter. I was doing more damage than you were recovering. I was trying to force you to kill me.
    15. Majora_younglink
      Good game man, ended up fairly close and those rocks being set up made the game pretty much for me. Hope you don't mind if I upload it.
    16. adman2
      I don't know if the crit would have mattered, but you probably should have won. You had great predictions, though your team does seem to be a little Conkeldurr weak. :)

      Conkeldurr did more for me in this one battle than Hariyama ever could have mustered.
    17. Greenlanturn
      OMG of course I get crit damn well gg
    18. adman2
      I'm going online and giving you my terrible DW Nidoran Female! Thanks for the help!
    19. apatiano
      I dont expect nothing in return
      Fc- 3181-6155-9911
    20. adman2
      I'll take it. Don't expect much in return. . .
    21. apatiano
      I have a male conkeldurr with drain punch and mach punch if you want it. Its ivs are
    22. Greenlanturn
      yeah I was wondering why Zac! took a draco meteor so badly he is usually a god I use spec Latios with dm tbolt surf and hp fire Specs dm from latios rapes even ferrothorn
    23. adman2
      I was wondering if you used some weird HP Ice set. . . :)

      I need to retire SpecsMence. It's given me nothing but losses.
    24. Greenlanturn
      GG dude I had the wrong hidden power it was supposed to be fire
    25. DizzyDrone
      Thanks for the response to my simple request, unfortunately I already managed to trade me a misdreavus.
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    I play as HermanGigglethorpe (my pen-name) on Showdown. Try out Random Battles sometime. It's a place where even Girafarig and Stantler can win the battle for you.

    2DS FC: 4441 9940 1105.


    Nowhere near Wisconsin
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    Somewhat of a clown
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    2706 8492 6343
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    4441 9940 1105
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