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Mar 31, 2014
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    1. Go10
      POWC when
      1. Adversary
        this week i guess
        do ya have skype?
        May 5, 2015 at 9:03 AM
      2. Go10
        No. Can we do it today or tomorrow ? Im free from 6pm to 11pm gmt+1
        May 5, 2015 at 12:29 PM
      3. Adversary
        tomorrow would be better
        May 5, 2015 at 12:37 PM
    2. Dark_Psiana
      Hey i'm your adv cup r1 opponent. I'm GMT+2, when are you able to play?
    3. WhiteQueen
      hey i'm on smogtours if you wanna play for that dpp bo3 tourney
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      2. WhiteQueen
        No I dont. I'll be on before your tonight and tomorrow
        Apr 17, 2015
      3. Adversary
        Apr 17, 2015
      4. WhiteQueen
        I'll be on smogtours until tour today. Hit me up to play
        Apr 18, 2015
    4. Tesung
      we play for return of king tourney oo
      when u wanna play
      1. Adversary
        whenever you want bro, we have each other on skype btw
        Apr 14, 2015
    5. Masterclass
      It won't let me reply to your PM.

      I'm banned from this smogon tour breh.
    6. ZANBAKUResh
      yo we are paired for BW Cup. im +8 so hmu whenever you can
    7. SparksBlade
      hi we're paired for dpp bo3 tour, im +5.30 and can play on evenings, lemme know when you can play
    8. Radli
      Hi, we are opponents for POWC (PO). When would you like to play? I am GMT+3 and usually on in night and morning at my time. Also for me is better if we`ll do it as soon as possible so it`ll good if we can fight today or tomorrow. I will be on from 22:00 (maybe a little earlier or later) to 12:00 today at GMT+3.
      Repost from PO, I just thinking maybe you`ll see it sooner here.
    9. scotti
      hey we are paired for the dpp ou, dpp uu, dpp uber, tour thing. When do you want to play. I am gmt -5 and I am free all week.
    10. HR.
      Hey we're paired for the rainbow league, I'm gmt-3, I'm usually free after 6pm my time and should be fairly flexible this weekend. let me know what works for you
    11. DoomXFTW
      Hey we're paired for round 1 for official smogon tournament. Give me a time that works for you? I'm gmt-5
    12. Double01
      We are paired for the all stars tourney. I can play any time this weekend im CST. find me on #rarelyused or smogtours
    13. Prankster.
      We're paired up for round 1 of Farm League. I can play anytime this weekend. Let me know what works for you, I'm EST time
    14. praj.pran
      wen fite first blood?? i am gmt +2:30
    15. CMx
      Hey, we have to battle for Veto Tournament. [RBY Ubers / DPP NU / DPP UU / DPP LC / BW Ubers]
      I'm gonna eliminate BW Ubers.
      GMT+1 btw.
    16. ArchPhantom
      Hey, we are playing for the ORAS release tour. What time is good for you? GMT/UTC + 3:00 is ma zone :]
    17. pokebasket
      Hey it has been fixed. When are we playing?
    18. pokebasket
      hey we have to play for Flying Bling

      Tell me when you can play
    19. VallejoMC.
      hy, when can you play for Veto Tourney? I'm gmt-5
      take out the first tier btw
    20. Hangover
      well i think its late for you now to play, so tomorrow (i think we got a little extension or so) i will come during my morning to play (around 11 am or so my time which is -4gmt), i will be on Pokémon Hispano as SasukeNF anyways today and tomorrow!
    21. Vinc2612
      Hi! We still have to play two gens today, I should be free most of the day. You can find me on SmogTours easily for the next 10 hours.
      I just may be away for one or two hours but I am 100% sure to be online around Smogon Tour.
    22. Hangover
      o sorry couldn't come before...em what about playing during week (wednesday should be excelent for me)
    23. GlassGlaceon
      paired for sinnoh cup when can you fight? gmt-5
    24. Bughouse
      paired for Gods Among Us. I'm GMT -4 and can play most nights.
    25. Drowsy Cheesecake
      Drowsy Cheesecake
      Could we try to get our battles done today? When will you be on?
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