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Nov 23, 2014 at 4:58 AM
Dec 2, 2013
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Jun 25, 1996 (Age: 18)
time to time
Right now, I'm updating my profile


retcon king, Male, 18, from time to time

is a Community Contributor

holy shit people calm the fuck down Nov 8, 2014

Albacore was last seen:
Viewing thread ORAS OU Viability Ranking Thread - A and A- ranks discussion (check post #509), Nov 23, 2014 at 4:58 AM
    1. TheEnder
      1. TheEnder
        Nov 21, 2014 at 7:49 AM
      2. Ununhexium
        Nov 22, 2014 at 12:20 PM
    2. Ununhexium
      Lol I vmed him about the joke
    3. praj.pran
    4. marc64
      there once was a girl named tabatha. she died really hard and now her body is a ghost and she goes around deathing. if u post this on 5 pages she wont hurt u u have 24 hours
    5. Talpr0ne
      Lol why kecleon is your favorite water type it doesn't even get a good water move in xy
      1. Albacore
        HP Water is OP
        Nov 18, 2014 at 12:24 PM
      2. Shadow_Sneak
        Nov 19, 2014 at 7:20 AM
    6. Shadow_Sneak
      Rating teams before I can get there
    7. Togie
      +S kitty: im goddess briyella
    8. TheEnder
      1. Albacore
        that thread is amazing qq
        Nov 18, 2014 at 1:42 AM
      2. TheEnder
        gl on your quest!
        Nov 18, 2014 at 2:01 AM
    9. TerrorDave
      Alby listen to Riki. Riki believe Alby should be fatherpon to Alby's Mega Sableye. RIKI SNEAKY!
      1. TerrorDave
        Riki also wish to say thanks for the shoutout.
        Nov 15, 2014
    10. TheEnder
      team rater in one month, calling it :]]]
    11. trikx_insane
      that signature got me crying . lmao
    12. Quickbobhero
      "literally the face of stall"

    13. Salemance
      By the way bud, thanks for submitting bud. Pleasure as always :d
    14. Enki
      Following you, your sig. is wonderful
      1. TheEnder
        he can thank me for it n_n (shoutout if u need avi / sig, im a god rite alba)
        Nov 14, 2014
    15. RichieTheBeldum
      Im calling you out, Wally.
    16. Aragorn the King
      Aragorn the King
      grats on 1.5 k =)
      1. Albacore
        why do people even like my posts
        Nov 14, 2014
    17. Hulavuta
      that post in the love thread made me cry man, it was so sweet. I'm glad someone appreciates what I do ;__;
      1. Hulavuta
        or do you?
        Nov 12, 2014
    18. Klobb
      Perfect sig, mate.
    19. Rosen
      damn son we just got tyrannosaurus rekt
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Rosen
        pretty much but hey
        Nov 11, 2014
      3. Rosen
        although tbf i did go through this unfortunate phase where i pretty much mimmicked ctc for no reason at all. disgraceful.
        Nov 11, 2014
      4. Albacore
        also idk if you missed it but i kinda tore him a new one, thread got killed though so you can't see it unfortunately
        Nov 12, 2014
    20. TaBuu
      lol greninja with the 17 types
      1. Aragorn the King
        Nov 13, 2014
    21. TheEnder
    22. brightobject
      Thanks for the 1k shoutout, I appreciate it :]]

      obligatory grats~
      1. Albacore
        Nov 9, 2014
    23. Monte Cristo
      Monte Cristo
      grats on 1k, mega latias better be A+/S by the end of the month or i'm blackmailing alexwolf :o
      1. Albacore
        ty and it prolly will dw
        Nov 9, 2014
    24. shaymin
      nice avatar o.o
    25. TheEnder
      imma shout out 1000 people on my next rmt LOL, sucker4likes
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Albacore
        Nov 10, 2014
      3. Albacore
        anyway you're listed as a mentor in team rating
        Nov 10, 2014
      4. TheEnder
        lol k
        Nov 10, 2014
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  • Signature

    Panda Problems: you're a + now
    +Albacore: Thanks Panda Problems
    SeventyFive: alba is actaully b- on the viability thread
    I mentor in OU, feel free to PM me on Smogon or PS! #freemoxieinfinite


    Jun 25, 1996 (Age: 18)
    time to time
    Right now, I'm updating my profile
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Often lost in thought
    Quote Dump :

    Pokestep: ive lost way too many games on the lower ladder lol
    Pokestep: its so unpredictable
    Pokestep: like i was considering stabbing my brain with a fork just to play on that level

    +IAmGingy: aj plz mute the idiot
    %AjTheEpic: alright
    IAmGingy was muted by AjTheEpic for 7 minutes.

    Omegasization: sometimes being dumb pays off
    Omegasization: I am the living example

    Brock the asian: bird rabbit knights genies zards bp stall HO
    Brock the asian: this meta

    +Flan76: Are you Costa
    +Flan76: @ Costa

    daftmau5: Sub toxic aegi puts in more work than IAmGingy on a pole.
    RainCakes: SS+gingy, best core in a tier only consising of fairies

    pop098: im undefeated with this team
    pop098: except for 1 loss
    +Albacore: so you're not undefeated
    pop098: i guess
    +Albacore: lemme guess, you only had 2 matches w/ it?
    pop098: 5

    VEEK: how much speed on defensive lando?
    %Arcanine is Regal: 8
    VEEK: just 8? nah
    %Arcanine is Regal: yeah
    %Arcanine is Regal: for rotom-w
    %Arcanine is Regal: thats it
    VEEK: ill throw in 22
    VEEK: lol

    @TFL: albacore, plz me

    Alkov: the only difference between hitler and aegi
    Alkov: is that aegislash wipes out entirely
    Alkov: hitler couldn't

    +Dragonite VII: >tfw highlighted while ppl are talking about the actual mon
    The DragonKnight: Dragonite VII, I get highlighted when people decide to spell Dragonite wrong, so a lot.
    %Arcanine is Regal: yeah my screen goes yellow when there is talk of mawile counters

    HeartHaxxor: lets call it JT
    HeartHaxxor: for joke tier

    ban the ghost man i got all sorts of randoms pming me saying gengar doesn't need to get banned

    +Albacore: !ds wish, rock tyê
    'rock tyê' could not be found in any of the search categories.
    +jpw234: dude
    +jpw234: you need to unfuck your keyboard

    AjTheEgotistical: speak endlish
    AjTheEgotistical: ensigl*
    AjTheEgotistical: enligh*
    AjTheEgotistical: english*

    Nodly: Gyarados is broken
    +Draeden: What is your reasoning?
    Nodly: it swept me

    +Draeden: I donate my money to fucking polar bears

    TheLaughingCats: alba i dunt think
    TheLaughingCats: azu checks x zard

    %Sharpteeth: See, the thing is
    %Sharpteeth: if people use hp grass zard x
    %Sharpteeth: the hp grassness will go back in time
    %Sharpteeth: and Terminate TFL before he makes that fucking team

    %Chagrilled: keldeo's speed tier is too important to waste on a modest nature, even if it runs a scarf
    all Kyogre now: chagrilled life's is too important to waste on a pokemon website

    +IAmGingy: giz
    +IAmGingy: id buy you a drink
    +IAmGingy: but
    +IAmGingy: id be jealous of the glass

    +Gizmo $_$: While it is by no means a great Pokémon, lacking in power and durability, it is certainly useful and better than most of C- and D-ranked Pokémon and should go up imo.
    T00N World: gizmo is by no means a great voice, lacking in power and durability, it is certaintly a useful voice, better then most D rank users

    +Sinclair: why is normal immune to ghost
    +daftmau5: normal people don't believe in ghosts

    DrPepperIsLife: mega pedo just rolls off the tounge
    DrPepperIsLife: and into your house to rape your children

    @Albacore: i have only ever been muted by boTTT
    @Albacore: for flooding
    Albacore was muted by skylight for 7 minutes. (let's change that)

    Sucker Lunch: BJ Azumarill so gud

    +Montsegur: Zodiax
    +Montsegur: do you even lift
    @Zodiax: Yes
    +Montsegur: really?
    Montsegur was redirected to room Health & Fitness by Zodiax.

    +Albacore: lol idk how i lost o.o
    +Albacore: isn't skarm supposed to counter pinsir
    Sucker Lunch: Sweeperella is no
    Sucker Lunch: average pinsir
    Sucker Lunch: he's gay
    Sucker Lunch: and that gives him strength
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