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Last Activity:
Feb 12, 2016 at 10:59 AM
Dec 2, 2013
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Jun 25, 1996 (Age: 19)
time to time
Right now, I'm updating my profile


after you, Male, 19, from time to time

is a member of the Site Staffis an official Team Rateris a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Smogon Media Contributoris a Battle Server Moderator

if Punchshroom is brave enough to ask for an Arc-Bug suspect, you're brave enough to ask that girl out. Sep 6, 2015

Albacore was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Feb 12, 2016 at 10:59 AM
    1. gamer boy
      gamer boy
      That looks tasty can i have a slice?
    2. m00ns
      wtf is ur avatar

      i've always wondered
      1. Sonired
        it's him irl.
        Feb 6, 2016 at 5:37 PM
    3. Rhythms
      hey would you be able to hop on PS for a sec? i wanna talk to you about an article
      1. Rhythms
        jk not now i gtg for a while
        Jan 31, 2016
    4. Erai14
      How to write a mon spotlight?
      1. Albacore
        Jan 25, 2016
    5. The Dutch Plumberjack
      The Dutch Plumberjack
      heads-up, i've moved a few articles around on the release schedule for variety reasons, nothing major but just letting ya know
      1. Albacore
        dw that's fine
        Jan 11, 2016
    6. littlelucario
      Every single one of the megas you posted in theh VR thread is like a size 50 image lol, you might wanna fix that.
      1. Albacore
        Really? Looks fine on my end
        Jan 10, 2016
      2. littlelucario
        oh that's odd
        Jan 10, 2016
    7. celticpride
      Accept Skype contact request please, I need to talk to you about something
      1. Albacore
        Accepted contact request, I think, its kinda hard to tell since my internet's been barely functional today :/
        Jan 7, 2016
      2. celticpride
        Oh yeah it went through, just haven't had any time for Smogon stuff today D:
        Jan 7, 2016
    8. Numera
    9. Viridi
      Mega Sableye

      Counter: Other Mega Sableye

      (you've actually moved down to c- on the viability ranking)
    10. TheTabKey
      im disappointed you're not an admin yet i remember when you were a puny golurk with only a contributor badge
      i expected admin by 2016
      hurry up
    11. To Kill a Chatot
    12. anto
      can you do the sub thing <:
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Albacore
        the deed is done
        Dec 5, 2015
      3. anto
        yeah, if you could do that every time i upload that'd be great ;_; also petyer asked if you could reply to a few questions for the Tours room website
        Dec 12, 2015
      4. Albacore
        sure to both
        Dec 12, 2015
    13. celticpride
      Thanks for giving that up to me, you didn't have to do that :)
      1. Albacore
        np, the only reason I said I'd take it was b/c I was afraid no one else would
        Dec 1, 2015
    14. Froggyboy
      oh you werent deleting posts
    15. m00ns
      can u make an article about how meteordash is a (BAN ME PLEASE)
      1. Eminegg
        seconding that
        Nov 29, 2015
    16. SketchUp
      Hi I was wondering which spread you use on SubToxic Cobalion because I read that you used it and it sounds pretty nice for my team rn
      1. Albacore
        Just the standard 140 HP / 112 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly spread
        Nov 25, 2015
      2. SketchUp
        ok thanks
        Nov 25, 2015
    17. -Magic-
      I've got a question about team rating
      1. View previous comments...
      2. -Magic-
        So I just rated a team concerning Hail. I kept the concept in tact but changed around the other members, so like does that still count as a good rate or is it bad?

        Also are my rates good?
        Nov 21, 2015
      3. Albacore
        As long as you don't change the general concept of the team (aka usually the title of the RMT) you should be fine, and it doesn't look like you did that.

        Your rates are pretty solid by the way, the only real problem with them is that you tend to suggest a lot of Pokemon changes, you should always try to suggest the smallest number of changes possible while still improving the team as much as you can, although it can be hard to find the right balance especially when the team is bad (hence why people tend to avoid rating bad teams). Also, always make sure your suggestion doesn't make the team weak to something else. Other than that, you seem to be doing pretty well, so good luck!
        Nov 21, 2015
      4. -Magic-
        Nov 21, 2015
    18. anto
      if you can get on irc, that'd be great!
    19. gamer boy
      gamer boy
    20. Snobalt
      Are you okay? Iirc you live in France, so just wanna be sure.
      1. Snobalt
        You're online now, so I'll take it as a yes. That's a relief.
        Nov 14, 2015
      2. Albacore
        Yeah I'm fine don't worry, I live nowhere near Paris
        Nov 14, 2015
    21. Karxrida
      1. Albacore
        Nov 13, 2015
    22. Yagura
      You're on fire *-*
      1. Joshz
        deez nuts are on fire
        Nov 12, 2015
      2. Albacore
        haha, thank you!
        Nov 12, 2015
    23. Ksh13
      grats :)
      1. Albacore
        Nov 11, 2015
    24. Tressed
      grats man
      1. Albacore
        Thank you
        Nov 11, 2015
    25. AD impish john
      AD impish john
      gratz, two badges more to challenge the Elite Four/Champion
      1. Albacore
        Nov 11, 2015
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  • Signature

    Panda Problems: you're a + now
    +Albacore: Thanks Panda Problems
    SeventyFive: alba is actaully b- on the viability thread

    Feel free to PM me if you want your ORAS OU team rated!


    Jun 25, 1996 (Age: 19)
    time to time
    Right now, I'm updating my profile
    My Characteristic:
    Often lost in thought
    Quote Dump :

    Pokestep: ive lost way too many games on the lower ladder lol
    Pokestep: its so unpredictable
    Pokestep: like i was considering stabbing my brain with a fork just to play on that level

    +IAmGingy: aj plz mute the idiot
    %AjTheEpic: alright
    IAmGingy was muted by AjTheEpic for 7 minutes.

    Omegasization: sometimes being dumb pays off
    Omegasization: I am the living example

    Brock the asian: bird rabbit knights genies zards bp stall HO
    Brock the asian: this meta

    +Flan76: Are you Costa
    +Flan76: @ Costa

    daftmau5: Sub toxic aegi puts in more work than IAmGingy on a pole.
    RainCakes: SS+gingy, best core in a tier only consising of fairies

    pop098: im undefeated with this team
    pop098: except for 1 loss
    +Albacore: so you're not undefeated
    pop098: i guess
    +Albacore: lemme guess, you only had 2 matches w/ it?
    pop098: 5

    VEEK: how much speed on defensive lando?
    %Arcanine is Regal: 8
    VEEK: just 8? nah
    %Arcanine is Regal: yeah
    %Arcanine is Regal: for rotom-w
    %Arcanine is Regal: thats it
    VEEK: ill throw in 22
    VEEK: lol

    @TFL: albacore, plz me

    Alkov: the only difference between hitler and aegi
    Alkov: is that aegislash wipes out entirely
    Alkov: hitler couldn't

    +Dragonite VII: >tfw highlighted while ppl are talking about the actual mon
    The DragonKnight: Dragonite VII, I get highlighted when people decide to spell Dragonite wrong, so a lot.
    %Arcanine is Regal: yeah my screen goes yellow when there is talk of mawile counters

    HeartHaxxor: lets call it JT
    HeartHaxxor: for joke tier

    ban the ghost man i got all sorts of randoms pming me saying gengar doesn't need to get banned

    +Albacore: !ds wish, rock tyê
    'rock tyê' could not be found in any of the search categories.
    +jpw234: dude
    +jpw234: you need to unfuck your keyboard

    AjTheEgotistical: speak endlish
    AjTheEgotistical: ensigl*
    AjTheEgotistical: enligh*
    AjTheEgotistical: english*

    Nodly: Gyarados is broken
    +Draeden: What is your reasoning?
    Nodly: it swept me

    +Draeden: I donate my money to fucking polar bears

    TheLaughingCats: alba i dunt think
    TheLaughingCats: azu checks x zard

    %Sharpteeth: See, the thing is
    %Sharpteeth: if people use hp grass zard x
    %Sharpteeth: the hp grassness will go back in time
    %Sharpteeth: and Terminate TFL before he makes that fucking team

    %Chagrilled: keldeo's speed tier is too important to waste on a modest nature, even if it runs a scarf
    all Kyogre now: chagrilled life's is too important to waste on a pokemon website

    +IAmGingy: giz
    +IAmGingy: id buy you a drink
    +IAmGingy: but
    +IAmGingy: id be jealous of the glass

    +Gizmo $_$: While it is by no means a great Pokémon, lacking in power and durability, it is certainly useful and better than most of C- and D-ranked Pokémon and should go up imo.
    T00N World: gizmo is by no means a great voice, lacking in power and durability, it is certaintly a useful voice, better then most D rank users

    +Sinclair: why is normal immune to ghost
    +daftmau5: normal people don't believe in ghosts

    DrPepperIsLife: mega pedo just rolls off the tounge
    DrPepperIsLife: and into your house to rape your children

    @Albacore: i have only ever been muted by boTTT
    @Albacore: for flooding
    Albacore was muted by skylight for 7 minutes. (let's change that)

    Sucker Lunch: BJ Azumarill so gud

    +Montsegur: Zodiax
    +Montsegur: do you even lift
    @Zodiax: Yes
    +Montsegur: really?
    Montsegur was redirected to room Health & Fitness by Zodiax.

    +Albacore: lol idk how i lost o.o
    +Albacore: isn't skarm supposed to counter pinsir
    Sucker Lunch: Sweeperella is no
    Sucker Lunch: average pinsir
    Sucker Lunch: he's gay
    Sucker Lunch: and that gives him strength

    is TFL a dancer: ive got a team
    is TFL a dancer: with 2 metagrosses on it
    is TFL a dancer: one is assault vest
    +SeventyFive: darn
    is TFL a dancer: the other is agility
    is TFL a dancer: 2 metagrosses on one team
    is TFL a dancer: smh joo
    is TFL a dancer: im just goin through my teams
    +SeventyFive: so you made an illegal team
    is TFL a dancer: it would appear so rofl

    TheAsianIsGamin: TIL U-turn switches through magnet pull
    +IAmGingy: what does til mean
    +IAmGingy: sigh
    TheAsianIsGamin: today i learned
    @Sharpteeth: Today I Learned TIL stands for Today I learned

    +Albacore: i thought your fetish for pointy objects was a well-known fact by now
    Adam Lambert: Albacore as much as I enjoy your pointy object, I don't like many other pointy objects

    +Dread Arceus: Albacore is ed sheeran

    +daftmau5: hastebin is lagging
    +daftmau5: maybe it's my aids net
    %Omegasization: n daft
    %Omegasization: its just that youre so bad that its affecting ur net

    +Vrin: "guess the mon"
    +Vrin: | Rest 99.160% |
    +Vrin: | Sleep Talk 98.749% |
    +Vrin: | Scald 98.666% |
    Career Ended: crocune
    +Vrin: no, it isnt crocune
    +Vrin: it's fucking
    +Vrin: poliwrath

    +m00ns: i've been redirected to chinese so many times that i've become fluent in mandarin

    PwNeD1: On my Gengar I have shadow ball, dark pulse and sludge bomb. Should I use venoshock just in case the sludge bomb poisons the target?

    Camilas: global warming is not a major threat right now
    Camilas: since there are ways around it

    rattatafan123 was warned by Albacore. (wtf?)
    rattatafan123: why warn
    rattatafan123: i dont understand
    rattatafan123 was muted by Albacore for 1 hour. (you're right)

    AlexPimpon55: how can i get mega rayquaza
    disconnectar: You get 1024 kilo rayquazas

    Angela: CAP Beast: r u a bot?
    Angela: +Angeela: Hello CAP Beast! I am a robot, please PM another staff member if you need assistance.
    Angela: CAP Beast: ok
    Angela: Uh
    Angela: i didn't think this would work
    Angela: dammit now he's testing commands

    @WaterBomb: I don't think the intro is big enough
    @WaterBomb: can we make it bigger?
    @innovamania: like natural male enhacement
    @innovamania: ?
    @Trickster: admins hate him: try these cool tricks to make your room intro bigger

    Dread Arceus: fleggumfl is the bad guy of half of every 90s movie located in a high school
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