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Jan 29, 2014
Apr 27, 2010
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    1. Th!nkPi
    2. Studio534
      Hey Alb, my old friend! If you ever happen to stop by we are reviving the project and would love for you to stop by! I hope to see you around!
    3. RitterCat
      hey alb long time no see! you should come back to #smeargle and spriting in general cause i miss youuuuu
    4. Albinoloon
      oh yes the characterization is different but
      during hellfire i think the frollo that is being represented in the song
      is in fact the torn and confused frollo of the book
      as poopsed to the cold, heartless authoritarian of
      the movie
    5. ToastTyrant13
      You know, after seeing the movie, I've really wanted to read the book, but I simply don't have the time. 8'( From what I understand it's extremely different, but still good. And wooo where are you in B2?
    6. ToastTyrant13
      oh man, Disney is everything BUT Juvenile. Have you seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Beautiful movie.
    7. ToastTyrant13
      How does random match work in regards to battling friends and other players? Also, RU sounds good! I could potentially use Crawdaunt! 8)
    8. ToastTyrant13
      I actually already have! Though, I'm not sure whether I wanna' do NU or RU (I'm entirely sick of OU). I just know I wanna' play around with Tauros.
    9. ToastTyrant13
      Sweeet! I chose Snivy for a bit of a challenge since it inky gets two types of moves, and I've gotten a Growlithe and Psyduck for a nice Fire/Water/Grass trio
    10. ToastTyrant13
      woooooooo, Chemistry's a great subject
      how has the pokemon world been?
    11. ToastTyrant13
      indeed. how goes it sir?
    12. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      or david silvan-smith

      idk actually. one of those two!
    13. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      i do! its dorandragon
    14. Ziposaki
      Eh, we can just cancel it. I'm gonna go find another battle.
    15. Ziposaki
      Uhm... are we ever going to battle?
    16. RemembranceOfAppa
    17. Ziposaki
      Oh, sure, I don't mind at all. You should probably tell our ref, though.
    18. Ziposaki
      Hey, I was just wondering if you've sent your pokemon to Gerard for our battle yet?
    19. Lucien Lachance
      Lucien Lachance
      Thanks man! Nationals will be easier for you to attend. It's open invite and in summer!
    20. Lucien Lachance
      Lucien Lachance
      You doing VGC this year? We should chill at nats again.
    21. Stratos
      that's because he used struggle a2 and you burned him a3
      minor things like that
    22. Stratos
      i did, i put a -3 in there!
    23. LeviLamprey
      >online at the same time
      Okay :O
      I've been far less than good, but good at the aame time.
      Uhm, hi!
      gotomibbit >:I
    24. LeviLamprey
      :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
      Hang on a second...
      This sums up how much I love Touhou:
      My favorite non-Nintendo game series... It... cute... ... lovely... ... smart... plus... amazing... You think so?...oh yes...it... stunning... ... kindly... ...love it! Hug it...when... sleeping... ... warm and cuddly... ... spectacular... ... ravishing... Oops! Look at the time! I kept you too long!
      The music is also fantastic.
      And please tell me you aren't joking x.x
      I haven't really seen or heard much Vocaloid stuff, but I know about it, and I know the leek song~
      I have an authentic miku leek plushie from last April :3
      It was the last one at the convention!
    25. LeviLamprey
      D: No can do.
      What about the 7:00 am on MY Saturday (it's 11:30 PM on Thursday here now :E)
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