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Alchemist Fullmetal
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Feb 26, 2012
Aug 8, 2011
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Alchemist Fullmetal

Alchemist Fullmetal was last seen:
Feb 26, 2012
    1. ShadowAbra
      Nigga >:l If I don't see you in the chat I am hugging the shit outta you, and you better not let me catch you on the street
    2. ShadowAbra
      chat needs moar alchemy
    3. Shii
      I'm sorry your CP is taking so long! v_v

      I was wondering if you don't mind if I made it non-shiny instead? I can do it easily on my original Plat cart, and prolly get it with somewhat better IV's too.
    4. Christian
      it would be cool if you bred the yamask
    5. Darkmaster77
      hi i don't check smog for a long time , about the mew i don't know it take some time to rng in emerald and is time that i don't have i have one timid mew form emerald but i don't remember if is tutored and i think that's not in a premier ball
    6. ShadowAbra
      He stole my typing
    7. PoJ
      I'm sorry, I can't trade with you - it wouldn't be fair. If I trade with you then I have to trade with everybody who asks me. That's why I don't have a trade thread... as for your offer, I can breed/catch anything I want to for myself so I'm not really looking for anything. I can even RNG in 3rd gen, so my wants list is basically nothing. Another reason why I don't have a trade thread.

      So, I'm really sorry, but I can't :c But! Once I finally finish updating my thread I'll be holding a giveaway where entrants can choose whichever Pokemon from my thread that they want. So look out for that in the GA forum :]
    8. ShadowAbra
      What doesnt break a nigga, makes a nigga hang tough bro
    9. Fenix54
    10. ShadowAbra
      quite, quite
    11. ShadowAbra
      You could but since im black they will proably give me a life sentence
    12. Fenix54
      I don't play since months,but I still have my files if you want,they are free now
    13. ShadowAbra
      Fullmetal came in with the ballers still swag on the same shit 55 hoes on his dick like its christmas
    14. Chev4
      I no longer have those gengar.
    15. ShadowAbra
      fuck dat i got a 55 heata
    16. ShadowAbra
      im free and MERRY KINISHMAS MY NIGGA
    17. ebeast
      Merry Christmas! Mr.Transmutation
    18. ShadowAbra
      well i can still play my drum pum pum pum pum, and it stole my frosted flakes
    19. ShadowAbra
      ill play my drum for you nigga get online
    20. Molk
      happy holidays man =]
    21. Molk
    22. ShadowAbra
      im just trying to be freindly black folk and the law gotta hate on a nigga :(
    23. ebeast
      Not sure where he is, its still pretty early for him(10:00 AM) he might be sleeping or something. Also he is ICBB(I could be banned) because I made a Mawile analysis and he left a dumb comment well knowing that mods read it. o_o That and the infraction he got from Solace the Friendly group.
    24. ShadowAbra
      [IMG] it is near
    25. ShadowAbra
      [IMG] thest beast within me its near unless u tell Enraged to get his ass on smogon PO server
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    Achievement---Peaked Standard OU 78/48317 [1361 points]

    I can now RNG breed in B/W. Also an ev trainer!
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