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Nov 7, 2015
Dec 23, 2007
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Nov 7, 2015
    1. Sidfrid
      Yo anask! how you been man?
    2. Sidfrid
      ok then, see you tomorrow!
    3. Sidfrid
      ok then. the match will be january 8, which hour?
    4. Sidfrid
      The world sure is round. I'm your opponent in the 3rd round of the Eevee Tournament!
      So let arrange a match, the new deadline is January 13th.
    5. Sidfrid
      ok pal!
      then i will wait word from you
    6. Sidfrid
      i think my router hate me tonight, anyway let's try another match and that's all
    7. Sidfrid
      sry my router just disconnected without a reason
    8. Sidfrid
    9. Sidfrid
      0862 5375 8993, and yours?
    10. Sidfrid
      GMT-0? so you're british?!
      anyway, i don't have problem with the time, see you then, and thanks for accepting!
    11. Sidfrid
      oh, sorry i don't have Skype....
      but in on almost always at night, my timezone is GMT-4, what your time zone?
    12. Sidfrid
      Hi pal!
      we're in the "Eve of Eevee Tournament", apparently you din't have any matches and round 3 is around the corner. My point is that i'm on the same situation, i din't have a chance to test my team, and i don't want to get to round 3 without knowing the metagame by battling.

      So i propose a battle bewteen you and me, just for fun.... and to test our teams!
      if you accept (and i hope so) we can schedule a match. I will wait for your answer, bro!
    13. Level 51
      Level 51
      We need to battle for the Eve of Eevee Tournament; however, I don't have any Eevees, lol.

      I requested a sub though, so you may get news of having to fight a sub. Good Luck!
    14. Dallasboi1992
      Yes. Dallasboi1992
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