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Feb 14, 2013
Jan 4, 2013
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Feb 14, 2013
    1. WeezingFTW
    2. Chester
      Well done, hacker. Using PGE to make it burn every time, but it doesn't work on the replay.
      Hope you burn in hell!
    3. WeezingFTW
      Did you lose connection?
    4. Fayte
      Had fun battling. Ill send you a request when your ready to LC battle.
    5. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Sorry I missed your message - if you want to respond to a visitor message if you click on view conversation in my post it will link your response to me and send a notification to me.
      As far as what else there is to do in BABA, if you have any questions you like team help or movesets, you can post a thread in BABA in a less formal way than the forums.
      thre are also battling games like king of the Hill where you can battle the current King and not only become King for the day, but also improve you BABA battle ranking.
      I am going to be online this morning if you wantto battle - for fun or for one of the official games.
    6. archimedes
      Hi, thank you very much for the invite. I battle wifi; only question is really what do I do from here?
    7. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Welcome to BABA
      Please let me know if you have any questions or need help
      Do you battle wifi or Showdown?
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