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Jun 19, 2016
Jan 25, 2010
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Jun 19, 2016
    1. Biosci
      Thanks I can do our trade in like an hour if that's okay with you. I'm so glad I caught it, but first time it turned out Shiny I walked like 5 too many steps and it took me to the next available IV frame, so I had to redo it xD
    2. Biosci
      Okay, and the Mespirit you wanted is still in my Diamond, so you can pick it up in Gen 4 or 5 if you want :)
    3. Biosci
      Alright thanks for the info, you'll know when I'm done and ready to trade when you see my Tornadus posted in the DMP :D
    4. Biosci
      Alright, Do you know if NPCs advance the PID while you're in the house?

      Thanks for helping, I've been at this for the last week or so with searching xD
    5. Biosci
      I have over 900 of each repels xD What should I have it set to for searches? I have 5 Pokes in my party btw.
    6. Biosci
      No I don't think we did, and I was stupid and I'm stuck in game to catch my Tornadus -___-

      I have the PID frame set to 850 to search for and the IV frame set to 1. What is the highest you set it to?
    7. Biosci
      Hey how long did you have to search for your Shiny Tornadus's seed?

      I've been trying to do it myself, but I've had terrible luck finding seeds. And the ones I found I found out I couldn't hit due to Odd/Even frame crap xD

      Also did you want me to breed that mon for you still? I'm sorry I've forgotten about this :[
    8. gabriel
      Hi. I'm available for EV training today.
    9. gabriel
      I prefer doing it in HG because of free vitamins and the ability to check EVs, which keeps me from accidentally messing it up. But don't worry, I EV my stuff in BW all the time and could do that for you too.

      You can PM me your list when it's finished, and I could begin (and probably finish, who knows) tomorrow. I'm EVing some stuff of my own right now!
    10. gabriel
      I like Mienshao, to name one. If you need more, I can take a second look at your thread, I know there's lots of good stuff there.

      Like before, tell me who it is (or they are), the desired spread and any relevant information about moves. I'll do my best to get the job done asap.
    11. gabriel
      Thanks! If there's anything else you'd like me to EV, just ask.
    12. gabriel
      I'm done. Going online.
    13. gabriel
      Should I let Macho evolve?
    14. Victini
      Thanks, i don't need victini right now. I'll let you know when its done.
    15. Victini
      Its ok i'll breed the solosis, i don't have much time to RNG because i have to study for my exams.
    16. gabriel
      Starting now. As I said, you can expect to hear from me in about an hour.
    17. gabriel
      Oh, I realized what happened. I'm logging on from a diferent DS on HG, so my FC changed. Now it's 3139 0208 4444.

      Sorry about the mix-up. I'm online on White as well.
    18. gabriel
      Then maybe I made a mistake. I'll check.
    19. Victini
      Ok i'll breed another one for you.
    20. gabriel
      Me neither. Did you add my HG and White codes?
    21. gabriel
      I do. Are you online? I can't see you. Maybe I typed it wrong.
    22. gabriel
      I'm online.
    23. Victini
      I didn't mean that one sorry, i forgot to add it, i just checked and i have a male bold solosis with trick with these IVs 31/31/31/31/31/30.
    24. gabriel
      For Machop and Absol add my HG code 0432 4607 6663.

      For Terrakion and Tornadus, my White code: 4641 9074 1114.

      Meet you online.
    25. gabriel
      Yes, I have 2 DS. Can you trade now?

      Also, do you plan to leave soon? I expect to EV Absol and Machop in about an hour, and then I'd like to send them back as soon as possible, since I don't feel comfortable holding other people's pokemon.
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