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Apr 7, 2014
Aug 17, 2007
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Apr 7, 2014
    1. musicalbento
      I grabbed them off Pokecheck so I'm fairly certain on their IVs and even after checking them at the Nimbasa City judge, I got "outstanding" potential and "can't be better in that regard" so I'm not entirely sure what's up =\ I may try another seed (again) to see if I get a better result.
    2. musicalbento
      Perfect IVs for both parents, the father had an everstone (Nidoking with Naughty nature)
    3. musicalbento
      C0F0C8D9310C56F5 is the seed (next time I won't resize the photo lol)
    4. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      Sorry about the wait, I did pop on but I didn't see you so I left and re-entered, just in case.
    5. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      Black FC, I'll give you the straggler I left on Black. You can find it in my user info, I'm kinda floundering in tabs at the moment so I'll just add your code right now.
    6. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      I'm in a bit of a rush right now, so just get me whatever you want with a nickname in 5th gen capitalization format. I like nicknames.
    7. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      Heya. I can help with the durant as long as you don't mind the IVs probably sucking. In fact I have one on my Black file at this very moment. Can you trade ASAP?
    8. Calm_Lava
      hey did you delete your facebook?
    9. soul_survivor
      aaah I see, don't worry much about responding haha. You haven't been on since the vm so that kinda signal'd how busy you are. Hope things go better for ya, and all.

      I haven't done much gbu recently either, well since your vm which is pretty much about a whole month. With school, and all too. Im just doing it to prepare for the 15th. Though gbu helped me alot since the time ya made the gbu thread. Most of the strategies you noted help me actually do good in tourneys and gbu in general haha. Though there are some quite amazing players out there nowadays..
    10. soul_survivor
      Hello Ashen. Gbu discussions(especially doubles) has sadly become a dead sub-section once you left. How have you been of the late?
    11. Muk
    12. Muk
      you're welcome lul
    13. Muk
      You still want the other 10, right? I'm going to get off the forums in a bit, but I'll continue to give you them on wifi
    14. Muk
      edit: never mind, was asking for your fc but you posted it earlier
    15. Muk
      About to get on wifi now
    16. Muk
      No, as I've already Pal Parked most of them :v

      It's really not a big deal at all though, as any up-to-date or Gen 5 legality checker will identify them properly.
    17. Muk
      Also, just a heads up - if you run them through legal.exe the trash bytes will come up as invalid since that program hasn't been updated for HG/SS (which is what I'm migrating them into)
    18. Muk
      It'll take a while - I still need to Pal Park them
    19. Muk
    20. Muk
      The untouched ones all have their default movesets, so it's not a big deal. I have to delete Fly from Rayquaza anyway.
    21. Muk
      Also, if you don't mind, before I transfer them I'm going to tutor the untouched versions gen 3 exclusive moves (i.e. Double-Edge for Ho-Oh or DynamicPunch for Beldum, though I'd have to evolve it)
    22. Muk
      kay, I'll start transferring/Pal Parking them now then.
    23. Muk
      Yep, I'll transfer them all tonight. You want them on your actual Pearl game card and not a flashcard or anything, right? (So I can't just send you the 4th gen .pkm files, unless you want to use pokecheck.org or something)

      If you need them to be traded to you through wifi, I won't be here until around 5 PM (EST) tomorrow so it would have to be tonight if you can't trade for a few weeks after 3 tomorrow.

      Also, if you're using VBA there's a much more efficient way to save individual Pokemon other than .3gpkm files or whatever. Go to memory viewer, select 32-bit, and click "save". Always use 64 for the size. For the address in Emerald:

      Party Slot 1 - 20244EC
      Slot 2 - 2024550
      Slot 3 - 20245B4
      Slot 4 - 2024618
      Slot 5 - 202467C
      Slot 6 - 20246E0

      I prefer to always use slot 2, I don't really know why but it's what I was originally told to use by multiple people when I started 3rd gen RNG.

      You can then load the .dmp (memory dump) file at any time using the "load" function of memory viewer.
    24. Muk
      I can do the VBA thing for you, if you want. I'd transfer the sav to my Emerald game then Pal Park from there.

      edit: if you're back on before I am and want me to do it for you, you can send your sav to i1336@hotmail.com
    25. Ashenlock
      To everyone who has business with me, please read:

      I am at the moment on a Poke-sabbatical, and I won't be back for a little while.

      Thank you for your consideration.
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