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Nov 16, 2017 at 8:37 PM
Aug 27, 2008
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assassinfred was last seen:
Nov 16, 2017 at 8:37 PM
    1. Bluemew.
      I'm online now, requesting the trade, IGN riley right?
    2. Bluemew.
      Added your FC, also I was able to see yours but you are asking for a female one, not male.
      1. assassinfred
        oh, my bad. I added your FC too, but I'll change my ask on the GTS if we don't find each other on.
        Mar 22, 2015
    3. Enzan
      Add me: 4742-6336-5325
    4. bmem1993
      Hey! You should definitely add me :) pleeeease
      FC: 3866-9409-3558
    5. Miria
      Hi there PTM, would you by any chance be able to add me to your FC? =] You have a lovely safari I'd very much like to run rampant in. ;) I have Fire (ninetales, pansear and laversta) and my FC is: 4554-1356-5382
    6. Rourou
      Hey bro! Can you add me? My FC is 0473 - 8040 - 9284 Chansey/Audino/Aipom
    7. Kiwi Consumer
      Kiwi Consumer
      I'm going to add you to my FL if that's cool! I like that your friend safari has Eevee and Protean Kecleon. My FC is 2921-9178-8904!
    8. Jio
      No problem
    9. Jio
      Alright enjoy the Volcarona
    10. Jio
      I'm online
    11. Jio
      Yeah sure. I'll head online now
    12. PoJ
      Enjoy! :D
    13. PoJ
      Ok, ready now! :)
    14. PoJ
      Ok, thanks for understanding!

      Also, I'm on wifi now waiting for someone to come on. If they don't come on in like 5 mins I can trade with you :)
    15. kittenmay
      I'm sorry for the delay, I was extremely caught up with things. I will get it to you ASAP. I will let you know when that is, okay?
    16. PoJ
      Ok :)

      Also, I'm sorry if you didn't want me to give it away. But technically I have redis rights to it :P

      Btw you also have Redis rights to the Wingull (But the people who won the GA don't, because I don't think that would be fair to you).
    17. PoJ
      Ok :)

      I have to do one trade before, so do you think you'll still be on? If not I'll trade with you first!
    18. PoJ
      Yeah, I can give it to you now! My FC is 5114 5368 7270.

      Oh, and yeah, I decided to use it because Wingull is actually really cool and unique. And with Rain Dish it's pretty decent! :)

      Do you want an NN?
    19. PoJ
      Ok, great! Let me know when you can pick her up :)
    20. PoJ
      Oh dang... I just finished the breed lol. I shouldn't have started before I got an answer :s

      Do you want me to re-breed it? I'm willing to :)
    21. PoJ
      Did you want it hatched at Undella Town, or Undella Bay? I'm assuming Undella Town, since that's what you said in the entry, but I'm not sure if you meant Undella Bay. :P
    22. PoJ
      Hey, just letting you know that I got the Ekans and Gothita done, so I'm going to breed your Wingull next! Yay! :D
    23. PoJ
      Oh, thanks for letting me know lol! I would've eventually noticed before I started breeding it, though, so either way it would've worked out :P

      I'm doing the Gothita first, then Ekans, then yours (I'm doing Gothita today). So, it should be done by this weekend, maybe before! :D
    24. PoJ
      You win! Congrats! Your prize is the Wingull that you suggested. :D

      I'll breed it ASAP! Thanks for participating. :)
    25. Jio
      I''m online
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