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  • Welcome to the New Group. please let me know if you need anything.
    Also when you want to respond to someone's visitor message (VM) make sure you click on View conversation before you type your message, then your response will show up on thier control panel (CP) not your own and they will get a notification of your message.
    Oh yeah, about that AI thing...

    User david stone (formerly known as Obi) is making a Pokemon bot called Technical Machine. I'd find you the thread right now but I'm lazy.
    Hey Avakael, welcome back to Smogon! DPP UU was the best metagame I've ever played (heck I might have battled you...), props for playing such a great meta!

    Unfortunately, eh forum is pretty much the worst place to make your first post - it's the off-topic board. Fortunately, we just started an Introduce Yourself! thread, where you can make the exact post you made already. I'm a Pokemon Showdown! moderator and an official Smogon Mentor, so if you ever have any questions about today's Smogon, feel free to ask!

    For the record, I finished this message and THEN realized that you were a returning member, so it's half-oriented toward you and half-oriented toward a totally new user. Whoops :P
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