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Feb 4, 2017
Jan 5, 2009
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Nah man, I was horrible and couldnt draw anything. I forfeited the game. Cool playing someone I kinda knew though. May 10, 2014

avalanche3387 was last seen:
Feb 4, 2017
    1. Martin
    2. avalanche3387
      Nah man, I was horrible and couldnt draw anything. I forfeited the game. Cool playing someone I kinda knew though.
    3. TheMantyke
      Sorry our ptcgo match never got wrapped up. Internet has been funky all day and it's lead to all sorts of DCs.
    4. TheMantyke
      Probably the most fluid way to talk is through IRC. If you need me, I'm usually on #smogonwifi.
    5. TheMantyke
      uh, sure! I'm not the best teambuilder out there but I'd be happy to lend a hand.
    6. TheMantyke
      Sorry, I can't trade over wifi on my 4th gen games thanks to my internet connection (WPA).
    7. MaverickMeerkat
      Help would be greatly appreciated, take your time; there's no rush. Just let me know when you've a spare hour or so....
    8. LampShade0wns
      I will definitely look into it, it all depends on my financial situation this summer, if i can im totally in. I was only originally planning on going if i made top 4.
    9. LampShade0wns
      I cant today, im working on projects and stuff, and dont necessarily have a team prepared since i was working on vgc. But yeah sometime soon that would be great
    10. LampShade0wns
      Im going to be on a mission for 2 years starting next october. I honestly thought i was gonna win that whole thing. My only other loss was to someone who got DQd and they wouldnt remove my loss.
    11. LampShade0wns
      Yeah man, I play OU and I have PO, i mean i just dont think ill have the opportunity to play VGC again unless regionals happen before october this year
    12. LampShade0wns
      Yes sir, it all depends on what happens and if theres a vgc in the early fall. If there isn't i think my pokemon days are done. But it would be great to play you again sometime.
    13. LampShade0wns
      Its all good, you know it happens, plenty of people lose opportunities due to hax. And as long as I know i coulda made it im fine.
    14. LampShade0wns
      Hey man, its Taylor from the VGC, thanks for ruining my Sunday :P, but anyway great job it was great meeting you.
    15. TheAshAttacks
      It was great getting to meet you. Good luck in the future!
    16. Alphabet123
      No it was I didn't see you on my screen but you contacted me so I reconnected... Let's both reconnect and then you try hosting
    17. Alphabet123
      Ok use fc 4899 5255 5911 and I will be on shortly.
    18. Alphabet123
      It's free, what gen do you want it in?
    19. Cassie
      okay i'll be on for the next 10 minutes, sorry I should ahve said something earlier, but I forgot :(
    20. Cassie
      if you're still here i can 3095 7294 5807
    21. Lannister
      Hm, I do prefer shiny on cloyster, but as for the sp. attack IV, that doesn't really matter.
    22. Lannister
      I traded for the scyther way back in 4th gen a long time ago on smogon. The OT is arren and I've seen a couple of their pokes around on smogon although I've long forgotten what exactly his smogon ID was.

      Yeah, I don't remember if rock blast was an egg move or not but it'd be great to have that. Just let me know when you're ready.
    23. Lannister
      Hey, I've got a (31/31/31/x/31/31) adamant shiny scizor with bug bite, superpower, and roost (all 4th gen moves I believe) at level 1 UT.

      I saw that you're offering BP's and I need an ADAMANT 31/31/31/31/31/31 shiny shellder with skill link.

      Let me know if you're interested.
    24. V4Victini
      I actually cannot trade now sorry.
    25. V4Victini
      Adamant Male Yes in all 3
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    VGC 2012 CO Springs 12th place, 5-2, first VGC tourney I have taken part in.
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