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Sep 27, 2009
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    1. TreebeardtheTrevenant
      Hello there! I would like to exchange friend codes. Mine is 1848-2999-5088. If you could add me I will get on as soon as I can. Thanks! (My type is Bug. Sorry)
    2. Wee Juan Lee
      Wee Juan Lee
      hi.. can u help me to hatch my pokemon egg?? :-) will give u a perfect iv pokemon in return thxs.
    3. Vabolo
      Hail and well met, AyameHikaru! Very much as KimTheHuman, I too am looking for a Friend Safari where Frogadier abound and the Gyarados roam free. My FC is 4141 2843 2864, and I apparently have an Electric-type safari with unknown-as-of-now tennants within, if such a thing could interest you. Thank you for your consideration!
    4. KimTheHuman
      Hey there Ayame :D I have been searching for a friend safari with frogadier and gyarados for breeding projects and I hope you're still accepting fcodes :) I'll add you up as soon as possible and here is my code, 1719-3552-3674 . My friend safari is steel typed and contains ferroseed,skarmory and klefki so I hope they'll be of use to you :D Please and thank you. Take care.
      1. KimTheHuman
        Just pm me when you can go online and I'll go online as well so we can both unlock our respective 3rd safari mon as well as their hidden abilities :)
        Dec 1, 2013
    5. Toast++
      Haha. That's alright, just glad it wasn't on my end. Likely some setting on your computer got changed and fixed the next time you started it up.
    6. Toast++
      Fyi, I replied to your post. Please let me know so I can get that fixed.
    7. DEMo_Gorgon47
      Yeah, that is true. In my Emerald Nuzlocke my entire team barring my starter got killed, and all the other Pokemon I caught suck... so... yeah =/
    8. DEMo_Gorgon47
      I just read how your one team got demolished in the Nuzlocke Challenge, but cant you train some of your boxed Pokemon so it doesnt end?
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    When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let everyone wonder how you did it.

    Currently attempting to brave RNG in the 5th gen...
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