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Jun 20, 2012
Jul 21, 2010
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Jun 20, 2012
    1. sandshrewz
      Woops didn't see your vm! Eh yea. Kind of forgot my team haha. Abamasnow, vaporeon,.heatran, venusaur, gliscor, starmie. Lol. Pretty random and lol I remembered the team xD Abamasnow pwned a paraflinch togekiss with SubSeed :D
    2. sandshrewz
      LOL! Btw I went on PL yesterday :P
    3. sandshrewz

      mostwanted mods the rmt forums :O
    4. sandshrewz
      Hmmmm I thought it was supposed to be a facepalm picture? :O @_@
    5. sandshrewz
    6. avocado
      Still active? :p
    7. Tyfernazard
      Its cool and i respect that
    8. sandshrewz
      ok then :O DPP doesn't give much Pokemon to work with. It's up to the players to use less standard Pokemon :/ I'm bored of standard teams too though :d heh that team won him the Sinnoh Cup, a tournament on smogon. It seems simple but actually works lol! It's not even typical. There isn't a Scizor, Tyranitar, Rotom-A etc etc. The team was used against well-known players so it's definitely effective and has won their respect lol. That team was tried and tested against top DPP OU battlers so it's definitely something! lol don't worry about the luvdiscs~ It's not a good measurement of how good teams are. More of how popular they are??
    9. Tyfernazard
      Just trynna meet people through this website thats all and if its through pokemon so be it
    10. sandshrewz
      Ehh I don't normally use PS? ?_? Yea I noticed you disappeared for 2 months :d Why the hospital??? Get well soon if you haven't!!

      Also, if you don't like to battle, you might as well give the best tier known as Challenge Cup a shot! :) It's more of for fun than for battling cos random funny stuff happens here and there and it isn't as serious! PS has CC too but I prefer PO's one because NFEs ftw! :P

      Good luck in whatever you're doing though!! University is busy~~~~ .-. Just take Pokemon as something to destress after school or something! Pokemon isn't supposed to add stress anyway~ haha

      I realised I miss DPP OU and DPP UU too .-.
    11. sandshrewz
      noooooooooooo ;_; though we haven't talked in months .-.

      Have you been busy lately? :/ me too~ Have fun at whatever you're doing! >.>
    12. sandshrewz
    13. sandshrewz
      True true :/ Though if you manage to pull in someone, then you might be able to get a couple of good rates :P

      Hmmm knowing the opponent's team doesn't really help win battles in my experiences. haha.
    14. sandshrewz
      hmmm yea... Just make the rmt if you want then ask people you know to rate it :P Then hopefully it'll snowball and get more rates~

      Oh haha nah... I wrote 11 analyses and did some GP checks... :O Drawing for Smogon art (mainly for The Smog) earns you a [IMG] badge :P
    15. sandshrewz
      Yea that's what I meant. Including like only 1 tier or something too. Haha. Good good. :p nice to see it still alive thanks to you :P not many people play dpp now...
    16. sandshrewz
      Haha. Official TR is hard to get if you only rate one category of teams... Especially past gen >.> oh well.. Who cares about Official? x)
    17. sandshrewz
      Haha. Good good. I don't even have the time for smogon work! Let alone draw D:

      School work is crazy :/
    18. sandshrewz
      you're like rating every past gen team... haha x)
    19. Crona
      I visit every now and then, I saw you once...
      I'm busy trying to moderate the Valhalla League server on PO most of the time and can't pay attention to both PL and PO.
    20. sandshrewz
      PL offline for more than 12 hours... -.- And I mean offline and not crashed :/
    21. avocado
      Ohh, PokeLab.. Isn't that like Shoddy 2 ? I thought they brought that down..
    22. avocado
      Hmm.. What's PL ? :p
    23. NMx13
      hehe :) I'll be online right now ---or in few mins :p
    24. sandshrewz
    25. sandshrewz
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