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Mar 20, 2013
Dec 28, 2012
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Mar 20, 2013
    1. Honor
      Hey, we have to battle for the "Mundial Hispano" (I'm Joe), you can usually find me in the main server with the nick Back Burner from 3 PM onwards
    2. Pedrock
      Dude, we hav to play for HWC... If u get in, VM me here.
    3. Julius
      Are you there, man? I'll be on the next couple of hours in case you wanna battle.
    4. Julius
      Indeed, I thought you were in a different country, my bad. It'll be nice this Saturday at 5 pm (my time). I'll be on by that time, and if anything happens, I'll let you know here.
    5. Julius
      Hi! It'll be nice if we meet on Saturday, I'll be on almost all day long. My GMT is -7, I guess there is only a difference of 2 or 3 hours. Tell me your GMT and we'll see.
    6. Nova
      we have to play chess

      I'm always connected on IRC on #pokemon so you can find me there or we can schedule a time
    7. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      we have to play for RandomPokemonTournament

      when is good for you
    8. TUO
      alright i'll be on that server as long as I can. I can't play much today though
      EDIT: Can we play considering Fatecrashers doesn't look like he approved your team?
    9. TUO
      ill be on that server for the next 6 hrs
      EDIT: my alt will be "superwii"
      DOUBLE EDIT: i'll be gone for the next 2-3 hrs. will be on until 8pm gmt+8
    10. TUO
      wanna schedule a time? im gmt+8
    11. TUO
      alright 2pm your time today? i'll see you there as "TheUnluckyOne"
    12. Gabranth
      Retaliation does not scare me.
    13. TUO
      hey bandicoot, we got to play for Type restriction. im gmt+8 and go on #pokemon as "TheUnluckyOne" whats your timezone and we can negotiate from there.
    14. Pocket
      sure i'll be on Showdown! as Shark Skin
    15. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      were paired for dp ou tourney wanna play a match now
    16. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      hey are you on right now? if so please vm me back soom or pm on irc (badass)
    17. Celever
      I'm on now as celever on the main server
    18. Celever
      Bandicoot, for the mon-type tourney I am free any time for the next week. Note though that I am gmt
    19. Pocket
      Thanks for the reminder, Bandicoot. I can play any time after Sunday. I am usually most accessible after 11 PM EST (GMT -5; currently 12:20 AM), but that may change, since I have not received shifts for my job yet
    20. Fatecrashers
      just fyi AshPe changed his name to Pan.
    21. michael209
      Sorry man just tell me when you're free and I can be on
    22. zdrup15
      Hey we're paired for the Fuk Ferro tour. I'm gmt and am in holidays so I can battle at nights. When do you wanna battle?
    23. MadBull
      hello sir, I am on Pokemon Showdown now and will be there for a few hours, contact me if you wanna battle
    24. MadBull
      sorry, behind an OOOOOOOOOOLD computer right now where a lot of stuff simply doesnt work, I can barely use the internet, but that will be different the rest of the weel
    25. MadBull
      Sorry, only read this now. Sadly am on a computer on which Showdown doesnt work, but most other days from now I should be available between roughly 10 in the evening and 2 hours after midnight, GMT+1
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