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Feb 3, 2012
Oct 30, 2009
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Feb 3, 2012
    1. SJCrew
      I'd take you a little more seriously if you didn't shoot your own credibility in the foot by admitting you don't play UU anymore and just like to debate with us. Come back when you're actually playing the game again.
    2. Lady Salamence
    3. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      I talked to V0x about it, saying that you seemed to be changing uneeded stuff and reverting stuff to it's original form before the first GP check, so he said to just wait for an official one.
    4. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      sorry, but i was told not to implemet your uu jumpluff check
    5. San_Pellegrino
      below user is correct
    6. ShinyAzelf
    7. Pocket
      What made you quit UU? I haven't been on the UU subforum for a good week now, so can you catch me up??

      If you want a change of pace, then OU or RU sounds good. OU does consist of weather wars, but two prominent weather threats Excadrill and Thundurus has left, so many players find the tier balanced and enjoyable. Weatherless HO is on the rise, for instance.

      If you want to play in a tier with minimal effects of weather with a solid player base, I suggest RU. It may be an easier transition from UU for you.
    8. NatGeo
      yeah, i guess its just their reasoning, though again I think it just applies to reach and tof both because they were high on the ladder at the time and they were major forces beforehand so jabba trusts them. :P
    9. Pocket
      I don't know what to say, Banedon. They must have been the most qualified out of the rest of the applicant pool. And who knows, maybe they had an impressive presence at #genvuu :0. I am pretty sure you'll see their forum activity spike in a few days.

      Anyways, there is still a good possibility that some of the senate spots would be up for grabs again, due to inactivity. You have great forum presence, and your posts and rmts indicate that you do well in uu. If the chance presents itself, apply next time! You're definitely a competitive applicant in my book. Until then, do what you enjoy most, and keep on playing uu / contribute in discussions :d

      I don't think UU would necessarily become bad just from this revision in testing. You can still influence the overall decisions by presenting practical play experience and convincing arguments. Anyways, I hope you don't give up playing, cuz that's plain disappointing :/
    10. NatGeo
      also just wanted to point out regarding your VM on Pocket's wall: ToF and reach were both MAJOR forces in DPP UU, so it makes sense that he would at least have reach in backup. ToF's nom was accepted because he was high on the ladder, so a player of his caliber should have a good understanding of the metagame.

      just thought id give a though :p
    11. Pocket
      It's not that hard to chat on irc.

      go on: http://cbe001.chat.mibbit.com/
      Enter your nick
      For channel, enter #Pokemon,#genvuu
      The first channel is for general discussion, the second channel is for UU suspect discussions.

      Give it a try!
    12. Aqualouis
      Or we can play now if you're able to
    13. Aqualouis
      Nah i'd like to play this game :)
      So noon your time today ?
    14. Aqualouis
      That's weird, if you win, why would i report it as my win ?
      Whatever, we'll talk about that later. When you say at the same time as the last, you mean noon your time ?
    15. Aqualouis
      Yeah that's whait i mean ^^
    16. Aqualouis
      Noon for you means 6pm for me, so we can play today at noon (-4GMT)
      If i don't see you today, i'll be able to play at Saturday from noon to 8pm your time and sunday from noon to 6 pm your time
    17. Flora
      Just a small nitpick, but in your most recent RMT, your Empoleon has a Careful nature instead of a Calm nature. ^_^
    18. Bluewind
      Hi, can you play?
    19. Bluewind
      Can you play now, i'm going out in like 15 minutes
    20. Banedon
      Can't, I have to go to work soon (in fact I'm already late >_<).
    21. Bluewind
      can you play in like 10 mins?
    22. Bluewind
      I probably can, but only on wednesday and I'm still not sure. Just be online when you can, if anything goes wrong I'll talk to Bloo.
    23. Banedon
      Like I said my schedule's completely full except during noon to 4pm GMT (9am to 1pm your time) =/ Unless you can log on during those hours, we won't be able to play >_<
    24. Bluewind
      No Pokemon in this computer and I can't install; I'll be on during the week though (pretty much all day except morning GMT-3)
    25. Bluewind
      My team's ready, i'll try to catch you online.
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