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Apr 7, 2013
Mar 16, 2010
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Apr 7, 2013
    1. Arcticblast
      Long story short: ELITISM KILLS.

      The majority of modern deathcore sucks balls though.
    2. Arcticblast
      Ever heard of Dawn of Ashes? Blood Red Throne? Enslaved? Death Angel? Cattle Decapitation? Beaten Back to Pure? Buzzov*en? Carcass? Divine Heresy? Dystopia? Emperor? Gehenna? Grim Reaper? High on Fire? Hypocrisy? Napalm Death? Noothgrush? Pig Destroyer? Opeth? Queensryche? Septic Flesh? Skinless? Turisas? Waylander? While Heaven Wept? Wombbath?

      Don't talk shit about what I listen to, I'm from AMF and I WILL win. I DO know shit.
    3. Arcticblast
      Statements like that give metalheads a bad name.

      Listen to Glass Casket, From the Shallows and The Red Chord, they should straighten you out.
    4. Arcticblast
      Deathcore is not gay, good sir.

      EDIT: Wrong link.
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