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Dec 30, 2015
Aug 10, 2010
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January 4
United Kingdom


from United Kingdom

bharmalm was last seen:
Dec 30, 2015
    1. tlyee61
    2. Living Things
      Living Things
      sry dude, something came up and i have to go now, i hope we get our games done in the next few days. i'm btw mostly on pokemonexperte po2 and po2's main server active, just so you find me easier because i'm not very active on the ps! simulator.
    3. Living Things
      Living Things
      ah completely forgot about our match, are you tomorrow 8 pm available?
    4. Fantom0
      Mainly that there's no law against d/cing?
      And that the fact that there will be hax doesn't stop it from ruining the strategic elements of the game. Pokemon isn't the only one that does it - all games do. Pokemon is the only one that actually has a decent multiplayer. And hax just goes and messes that asset.
    5. Fantom0
      Yeah, whatever....
      I play pokemon because it's fun when there's no hax. You can't say:
      "Want a pokemon match?"
      "ok sure, I'll just flip this coin to see who wins."
      If that was honestly the case, I'd just flip coins.
    6. Fantom0
      Oh no! Where will you get your worlds invite? :p
    7. Fantom0
      Stop whining i dont care
      Seriously, hax is such a pain it deserves to be removed from pokemon entirely
    8. Living Things
      Living Things
      I'm GMT+1 and i would like to play tomorrow at 8 or 9 PM, are you at this time available?
    9. Cybertron
      oh my god i miss those posts lol
    10. Akiratron
      got a 3ds xl..so im going to get back into pokemon. Have to re-get everything but it wont take me long
    11. Thadenvy
      Come at me bro.
    12. Thadenvy
    13. Fantom0
      :p I know I keep forgetting
      No time for Smogon because of 9 gcses and sn A level
      And speaking of forgetting you didn't win worlds 0.0
    14. Zog
      bharmarharmacaralarmahalm yes it is thank you :D

      it is my pet snake snake btw i took that photo and i also photoshop the flat cap which take very long time you would not believe how edited that flat cap is
    15. nachocheese999
      Lol hes just toooo cute
    16. 7014gree
    17. Superpokemon67
    18. gec
      but we've both qualified for worlds twice
      are the best users on smogon
      and win everything
    19. gec
      ikr, unlike some of us 9.9999.9.

      lets face it, you and i carry this country each year 9.9.99
    20. gec
      no he's a nob forget about him he sux
    21. gec

      if you dont win im gonna come to your house and kick you back to bangladesh or paki or w/e ok
    22. gec
      lol i must admit i did get a kick out of it, but bad bharmalm :|
    23. PkmRngrBrad
      Thanks for the answer in the Quick question VGC thread!
    24. gec
      nigga dead
    25. Leade
      well thats hardly any fun .__. theres no challenge in stuff anymore then. dangit. i guess ill have to start using the simulator more.
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    "The Truth which has made us free will in the end make us glad, also"


    January 4
    United Kingdom
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    Often lost in thought
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    I'm lazy
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    0862 3535 6465
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