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    1. AmazingPolitoed
      Heyo! Wondering if I could have my name switched to "Daiquiri". Thanks in advance~
    2. goobahead1
      hey there im looking for a mentor so i can learn to competitive battle and raise teams (i want to learn ou first)... can you mentor me or direct me to someone who can?
    3. Arcticblast
    4. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      Hey Birkal ^^
      I went to #flaaffy and asked Redew, because I was confused on how I didn't have a mentor profile, the banner, or access to the Mentor Forum. He has given me ops in #flaaffy though so that part's done :>
      1. Metal Sonic
        Metal Sonic
        Birkal you forgot to give me access to mentor forum :)
        Apr 19, 2014 at 5:14 AM
    5. v
      this is major dog to ground control,
      I'm fetching through the door
      the ball is floating in a most peculiar waaaay
      and my tail looks very different todAAAAAYYY
      1. tennisace
        *birkal wag tail
        Apr 17, 2014 at 1:35 PM
    6. HeaLnDeaL
      Hey, I just wanted to let you know I really like your Kangaroo Fireman design that you submitted; it's my favorite so far in the thread! You should go with it over the previous chubby fish design. Good luck!
    7. Xaqwais
    8. DylHix
      Hey Birkal, nice to meet you. I was wondering how I should go about finding a mentor? I looked at the forum thread for mentorship and I couldn't figure out quite how to do it haha. Thanks!
    9. The Shellder Smuggler
    10. Giqa
      Mind mentoring me? I'm new to the Competitive Pokemon scene.
    11. Billy the Alrune
      Billy the Alrune
      ...I just wanted a little help. Sorry if I'm being pushy, I just wanted a little help with the CAP art posting forum. I got a design drawn up, but I don't know when and if I'll be able to post it for feedback. Please help or direct me to someone who can.
    12. Billy the Alrune
      Billy the Alrune
      I wanted to talk to you about CAP's creature idea submission topic where you post artwork. A conversation for you should be started.
    13. normal gem
      normal gem
      V said I should talk to you, check your conversations, please.
    14. kvn2572
      Since I'm new here, can either u or someone help me find out how to post and reply to messages and forums? It would be very much appreciated
    15. Gerard
      You're way past DQ on the BoB tournament, this is your only warning.
    16. waterwarrior
      1. waterwarrior
        Also, on a semi-related note, I know our match was supposed to be serious and this only makes me sound like a sore loser, but I really need to do some training, and this match is going to take the longest out of all I'm in right now. Do you mind if I just forfeit or do you want to see it to completion?
        Apr 3, 2014
      2. Birkal
        I likely won't be able to referee until Sunday.

        Do what you like with the match! I will keep playing if you'd like to. Otherwise I'll take the win.
        Apr 4, 2014
    17. pokemonsta433
      so I need some clarification. How do you become a mentee? (specifically for OU)
      1. pokemonsta433
        sorry I meant to say UU
        Apr 3, 2014
    18. JayHankEdLyon
      Ha, sorry, just wanted to have a little fun. Y'all are doing great!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. JayHankEdLyon
        No worries, already fixed. Keep up the good work!
        Apr 3, 2014
      3. Birkal
        This is not a flavor poll; please don't bring it up in these discussions or polling threads.
        Apr 4, 2014
      4. JayHankEdLyon
        I won't, but it might be helpful to mention that when saying what we can comment on in the OP. Moreover the only flavor I mentioned was in terms of typing, which is already set. Finally, I mentioned a bundle of stuff beyond flavor. If you don't like it, fine, your choice, it can be deleted, but it's not specified as something we can't say in the OP.
        Apr 4, 2014
    19. Goldwing777
      Birkal sorry for the pointless post earlier. I looked back on it after I sent it and I basically facepalmed. Thanks for deleting it and I'll try to make better posts in the future. Thanks! :) (also if Im not supposed to be posting here plz let me know)
      1. Birkal
        No worries! Just make sure to think through your posts. Read the ones around you. Try to post like the people with badges, if possible. Let me know if you have further questions.
        Apr 2, 2014
      2. Goldwing777
        Hi Birkal. You told me to let you know if I had any further questions, so if I vote on the poll and opinion is the same as someone else's, does that qualify for what I did yesterday? Or is that ok?
        Apr 3, 2014
    20. Scoopapa
      Thanks! I don't have much time for pokemon these days but the CAP is just too good to pass up!
    21. v
      Hi Birkal, I'm having technical trouble with my smogon account. For some reason, I can't reply in threads or conversations; it wont let me type in the "reply box". Same thing for conversations, I can type in the "conversation title" box but not the actual message box. Only way I can communicate is through profile posts. I would appreciated it if you can help me out or direct me to someone who can help me. Thanks
      1. Birkal
        It's just an elaborate April Fool's Day prank the Smogon Staff is playing on its members. Just wait it out.
        Apr 1, 2014
    22. gamer boy
      gamer boy
      u changed the avatar...
    23. Ununhexium
      diggin' the new avatar Birkal

      by the way, you are following the same amount you are being followed lol
    24. DTM
      Hi! Just wondering why the "Approved" Stamp thread in the Sixth Generation Contributions section was locked.
    25. VanguardSoul
      Burger Disney guy, do you think you are funny and/or comical? I believe that you think you are funny/comical.
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