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Sep 23, 2014
Apr 21, 2011
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    1. Umby
      It's Sion from the Tsukihime/Melty Blood universe.

      I've only watched the first episode of Persona 4, but being a fan of the game I thought it was pretty cool to see it in anime form.
    2. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      OK, the game start will still be a couple weeks off at best though I think.
    3. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Chomzloh is the going to be my co-host for Baccano mafia.
    4. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      I'll give him 24 hours, if not I'll post looking for a co-host.
    5. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Hey Bob, I haven't got in contact with you for awhile so I thought I would now. I have another dilema. Shuckles My Hero is not getting in contact with me and I have VMed him several times. Do I have permission to go and find another co-host to host the game with me instead of him if he doesn't get in contact with me in say, 24 hours or so. If not, what would you recommend.

      EDIT: This is his profile. I have VMed him several times and he hasn't answered yet he is online almost every day.
    6. UncleSam
      Priority refers to how many mafia games you are currently playing in. So, Priority 1 means you are currently in no games, Priority 2 means you are in one game, and so forth. Priority 1 players get into a given game over Priority 2 players.

      So, you are priority 1.

      For a more detailed explanation see this thread.
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