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Jun 15, 2012
May 31, 2009
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from Italy

Bojan was last seen:
Jun 15, 2012
    1. Zoro Roronoa
      Zoro Roronoa
      Azz Porcian puzza
    2. The Lost One
      The Lost One
      Oh, sorry for being hard on you if it seems that way =\ I didn't realize you weren't too fluent in English D: I'll PM Ditto.
    3. The Lost One
      The Lost One
      Hm, this is a total time zone fail =( 15-18 GMT+1 is 6 AM where I am, and I'm already leaving for school by then. And, obviously, I wouldn't be home for 21-22 GMT+1 either with school.

      I'm assuming you can't get on any other times, so I have no idea what the solution here would be. PM Ditto maybe?
    4. The Lost One
      The Lost One
      Hey, it seems that we have until Wednesday to get this battle done so we better plan something as soon as possible (which means as soon as you sign on next.)

      I'm going to be available from ~8 PM to ~3 A.M. Smogon time (GMT -5). I might be able to go to 4 A..M. Please give me the time frame you're available so we can schedule something.
    5. The Lost One
      The Lost One
      We were literally 5 minutes apart, gah x-x I left right after I made that post. Sorry =\ If we see each other tomorrow, we can battle, but in the likely chance we don't we'll have to rely on coin flip.
    6. The Lost One
      The Lost One
      We need to figure out a time. I just realized its was Monday so I don't know what time you'd be on. I was hoping you'd be on around this time but I guess not =P I'll check back in about an hour.
    7. Neil Patrick Harris
    8. Neil Patrick Harris
      Neil Patrick Harris
      Awesome, we'll be able to trade right now. My FC is in my sig, I'll add yours right now.
    9. Neil Patrick Harris
      Neil Patrick Harris
      I'll take your Darkrai and Kyogre. Can you clone? If so, we can trade right now.
    10. The Lost One
      The Lost One
      Hey, we're paired for the Roulette match :) Let's get our battle done soon, preferably over this weekend :D
    11. Massi
      Hey, can we do the battle now? =)
    12. Negator
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    * 3rd place at NU Wi-Fi Tournament

    ZX93, Bojan and Sasukekun's Lair
    FC Platinum (Battles): 2965 7239 0070
    FC Platinum (Trades):
    1978 0352 9417


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