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Nov 21, 2017 at 3:14 PM
Apr 14, 2007
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Nov 21, 2017 at 3:14 PM
    1. Pilo
      sorry about banning you from discord, i didn't recognize you and very hastily assumed you came to troll the server. here's our invite if you want to rejoin. http://discord.gg/smogon
    2. Manaphy
      Hi borat. I know you probably don't remember me at all, but back in the PO days of like 2013 you used to teach me a lot about the GSC meta in PMs, I think because you caught me using your team. Just dropped by to say you're a fucking legend dude. I'm still looking at your old advice in some random thread about GSC Ubers since I'm making a team for it on a tournament now.
    3. Floppy
      arise from your slumber yung Borat, and come catch these hands
    4. Jellicent
      your ladybug has become a silver teardrop~

      consider this a long-overdue thanks for your contributions over the years, dude
      1. Borat
        thanks buddy, aging is a beautiful thing.
        Mar 28, 2017
    5. Kaisser
      Hi Borat, I've read your GSC guide and it's just as awesome as usefull. However, I'm really, really, really interested on read "Evolution of Competitive GSC". Please, could you re-upload the book, or send me an email with it attached? Thanks!
    6. Machiavelli
      Apparently you get this a lot, but I read your entire gsc guide, long as fuck, but very nice. I enjoyed it and learned from it!

      gsc is far more interesting than modern pokemon in that is much more strategic. You've inspired me to try my hand at gen 2, so thanks if it means anything. It's a bit of a shame that the meta is dying out and probably coming to an end but I'm going to play it anyway. Cheers!
    7. Erai14
      Hey readed your GSC guides extensively and I part 6 is just so good and it deserves to be on-site.

      Mind if i put it in GP?
      1. Borat
        Go for it.
        Feb 14, 2016
    8. Ranger Mike
      Ranger Mike
      Grats! Very well deserved
    9. wishes
    10. SoulBoundX
      I've been playing with your 2004 team that you posted in your guide and the 2010 updated one. I like the 2004 team better. I understand that the 2010 one is suppose to be better but why? what advantages does it have over the 2004 team?
      1. Borat
        more options and flexibility i suppose. what problems are you running into?
        Jul 8, 2015
      2. SoulBoundX
        i feel the opposite. but maybe I just need to play with each team more. idk. vaporeon seems to contribute more on the original team for whatever reason. and I miss gengar and tyranitar when I play the other team. but, like I said, it might just be me needing more experience with the newer team.
        Jul 11, 2015
    11. Luigi
      hey i saw mention of you having written an article called "evolution of competitive gsc" which really interested me but the link you provided seems to be outdated/corrupted, so i was wondering if you had that anywhere else cause i would really like to read it. thanks in advance :)
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      2. Luigi
        Please? ;-;
        Jul 17, 2015
      3. Disaster Area
        Disaster Area
        Sep 11, 2015
      4. Kaisser
        Interesting point. Could you share the link, please?
        May 8, 2016
    12. froggy25
      "idk if it's still in place but quick claw/choice band/brightpowder "luck" items"

      You mean focus band =P
    13. Typhlito
      1. Borat
        not impressed. only the base set charizard is iconic. there's like 800 pokemon now
        Sep 12, 2014
      2. Typhlito
        I see. :[
        base set zard is pretty cool though. Still think shining zard is at the very least a cooler looking card.
        Sep 12, 2014
    14. danilo
    15. Chisposo
      It's fine with you to translate your perfect GSC guide that you made a long time ago? I'm posting the Part 1 in a Spanish forum, and I just wanted to know if you don't mind about it (I'm giving you credits, obviously)
      1. Borat
        sure go for it.
        Apr 15, 2014
    16. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    17. Floppy
      you still play boy borat?

      would enjoy slapping you around a bit one of these days,,like the old times
    18. babaGAReeb
      R U the lord of GSC?
    19. Kewis
      Um, ditto that last post below lol
    20. Lavos
      like right now if you're available. lol. or if you're ignoring me because i'm relatively new then by all means continue to do so
    21. Lavos
      hey there. I'm learning gsc, read your guides and it seems like you know your shit. would you be willing to humor me with a battle sometime?
    22. SoulWind
      happy birthday borat =)
    23. Blue Eon
      Blue Eon
      Happy Birthday
    24. Shax
      Yo Mr. Borat I read quite a bit of your 7 part guide. I had to ask, what do you think 2013 looks like for GSC OU? I've been using your old team of Raikou, Marowak, Skarmory, Snorlax, Suicune, and Miltank that you used in that 500 semiodd turn battle that ended with you struggling out pokegod in part 2 of your guide. I have been testing it and having great results, definately on up there for a team strategy and synergy(important). What I want to know is what you would do to change it now? I've noticed it's weak to Spikes (thats ok) if they lay them since we don't have a Spinner. And I've noticed Zapdos is a good Pokemon to use against us. Prolly one of the best Pokemon to play against this team or Machamp. Machamp is too fierce for some reason. Those Cross Chop..
      I really don't want to touch the team since it's your team and you would know more about on what to change to meta against Zapdos specifically, and even more specific MIRROR Raikou leads with the same moveset as the one we have. The Raikou mirror leads are sometimes a problem since they land the Roar sometimes, and sometimes I do. It's fun and all though and I usually win those matches.

      Zapdos and Lovely Kiss Snorlax, and pretty much any Snorlax is scarey.
    25. Floppy
      sign up for spl boy...

      see you in the arena
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