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Oct 20, 2014 at 11:02 PM
Dec 23, 2004
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August 10
Gear Station
    1. wh0sy0urpapa
      Hey the Corsola is finally gone
    2. gene
    3. Carl
      cool, let's try for saturday around that time then
    4. Tiba
      any time after 7 PM (GMT-3) on saturday or sunday is good for me.
    5. Tiba
      yes, weekend.
    6. TV-Rocka
      Well, we have a timedifference of 7 hours and I start to work at 5pm, wo what do you think about 9.30pm your times?
    7. TV-Rocka
      Yeah, the weekend should be good for us. My timezone is GMT+1, so it would be easier, if we try it on friday or saturday
    8. Pocket
      I just came back from NYC with friends :0 Let's fight at out appointed time - thanks, fellow old timer
    9. Pocket
      you have a date on Friday? Lucky

      I have a meeting on Thursday evenings. I guess we can do Saturday?
    10. Pocket
      I was not ready to play tonight, sorry about that. Friday is probably the most convenient time for me; same time (after 11 PM EST) would work?

      okay, NBS it is ;)
    11. Pocket
      Hiya, Carl, we're paired for SPL RBY! I am mostly accessible after 11 PM EST (GMT -5; currently 6:45 PM), will this work for you? I won't be available on Wednesday and most likely Sunday, so let's avoid those days.

      Which is your preferred simulator - NBS or PO?

      Let me know what works for you!
    12. Hantsuki
      Oh, no problem n_n

      Anytime before my midnight would be better for me. Is it good for you?
    13. Hantsuki
      Just PM me on #spl whenever u get on, maybe I'm not checking the forums xD
    14. Hantsuki
      Sure, Thursday works for me n_n
    15. Hantsuki
      When do you wanna play for SPL? I'm GMT-2 and free any day during the afternoon/evening
    16. Jackal
      im working on an assignment all day so just tell me a time and i can come online
    17. Jackal
      I completely forgot about this fuck haha glad you werent waiting... I am here now if you are around. Tomorrow night will be tough now though too... One of the weekend days around lunch would work for me. If not it might have to be sunday night.
    18. Jackal
      yeah that should work
    19. Jackal
      yessir thursday morning or sunday morning or any night except friday around 6-8 EST should be good
    20. Isa
      Alright, so I didn't stay up as late as intended because you didn't reply to confirm, but apparently you tried to reach me, so I apologize for that.

      I'm gonna be cleaning up my house the whole of today, but I can take a break at any time to play. Leave me a message here when you can play and I'll play you at that time (although preferably before midnight my time). I'll check here every hour or so.
    21. Isa
      Welp. I'll try to stay up late tonight. I also have a 9-5 work, but eh.

      If you're not online on IRC before 7 PM your time (which is 2 AM mine) tonight, I'll repeat for Wednesday and Thursday if needed. If we still haven't played by then, I'll bring my computer to my old place and we'll play at some point during Friday or Saturday.
    22. Isa
      Hey Carl. We're paired up this week for SPL.
      I'm unfortunately busy during most of this week. I can play tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, as well as Thursday evening. I'd prefer if we could play during those two days, because while it is POSSIBLE for me to play during the weekend, I'd rather not as I'll be moving from my university town to my home town.
      I'm GMT+1, by the way. (Sweden)
    23. Agammemnon
      We are paired for SPL
      I'm GMT+1. When can you play?
    24. Tiba
      hey carl, we're paired up for SPL match. I'm busy with a lot of important work, then I think we need to battle at Sunday maybe Saturday. I'm sorry about that
    25. Danilo
      mind helping me with this?
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