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  • Not much haha, been sick so reading manga and can't sleep. Were both in the faqs fb group tho! If that means anything :D You doing good?
    i'll try to be on as much as i can today to get this done, but you really need to plan ahead because only telling me when you want to battle an hour before the planned time is not what I had in mind when i asked for a good time to battle.
    give me a time, a date, and a time zone for this weekend so we can get this done. as long as it is not on sunday, I should be able to make it.
    hey im your opponent for team trials rd 2. my time zone is GMT -7 and i prefer to battle in the afternoons except for sunday. let me know your time zone so we can set up a battle time
    whenever, i don't really care much. i'm online often so just VM me when you see me.
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