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Champion Steve
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Mar 3, 2014
Nov 18, 2012
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Champion Steve

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Mar 3, 2014
    1. Monte Cristo
      Monte Cristo
      are you still around
    2. VKCA
    3. sadoldpoygon22
      You are a person thats always on :)
    4. GatoDelFuego
      Horribly sad that the nest had to be in that game. It was nice that they made the gameplay style so much more balanced over Tag Power + 180% attack damage = win game, but then why would they program caulder in the game??
      1. GatoDelFuego
        I tried running through the game this summer and came to the conclusion that if either caulder or the nest were not there, you could win easily. Caulder's CO unit is just as hard to kill as the nest itself....
        Sep 3, 2013
      2. Champion Steve
        Champion Steve
        The annoying thing about Caulder is that health regen. If you don't kill the CO unit in one turn he heals most of his health. And so do his troops. And then a missile hits you.
        Sep 3, 2013
    5. sadoldpoygon22
    6. Leafshield
      Well, I'd just like you to know that I am also following YOU.

      Let that sink in...
    7. Mii West
      Mii West
      Do you want an uber battle?
    8. Snaquaza
      Submit both in their respective threads
    9. Leafshield
      Ts in pre-pre production, so to speak. That being said, I haven't really started on it :P
    10. Leafshield
      Yeah, I have noticed that he's actually pretty quick for being sorta bigger as far as characters go. I could def see him working as a character, though. He has like, fire breath and he can jump in the air and stab his tail down and stuffs, so that's nifty.

      I would join that, js.
    11. Leafshield
      Only when the blood is shed in glorious Smash-y battle, of course!

      I can go either way with Ridley, tbh. I would love him as a character, but I have unfortunately not played enough Metroid games to be considered a 'fan' and don't have much of an emotional tie to the character.
    12. Leafshield
      Nigga you don't know. I'm just trying to mediate the situation. Smash Bros. is like, my favorite game series of all time. But I don't think anything, especially the holy ground known as Smash warrants people being completely retarded. I wish I could still use my Wii, I would play it more often.
    13. SMZ
      Yeah. You know that feel when non of your friends are online to chat with? well that's my feel now. In all honesty I just PMed you because of your cool avvy. *shrugs*
    14. SMZ
    15. simsims2800
      It's not as broken as you think. Weavile and Mamoswine easily take care of it with their STAB Ice Shards.
    16. Leafshield
      Yeah, Steven is much more Champion-y, fo sho. But Steve has its charm.

      It'll never beat the name PokermansCoach. That, THAT is the name of a Champion!

      so is Leafshield, but whatever
    17. Leafshield
      All this time I had no clue that this was your account.

      Hello, friend :]
    18. Jirachee
      I enjoy your signature
    19. The Reptile
      The Reptile

      They have their battles at Pokemon Community server, and they plan on having a meeting @ 8:00 Central Time tomorrow night. :P
    20. The Reptile
      The Reptile
      Well, LC doesn't have everything with 120 across the board.

      I would suspect it before calling it broken though.
    21. The Reptile
      The Reptile
      I think Eviolite would just make it a bit too stall-oriented. Which I guess isn't a bad thing, if that's what you're going for.
    22. The Reptile
      The Reptile
      Everything with 120 across the board? That could be interesting, I guess. Speed ties suck though :(
    23. The Reptile
      The Reptile
      Yeah, probably.
    24. The Reptile
      The Reptile
      This is PC, right?
      And yeah, lol. :(
    25. Nollan
      Oh and also, I have many doubts about Drizzle+Swift Swim, Armaldo especially caught my eye...
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