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Oct 17, 2012
Feb 25, 2008
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    1. Firestorm
    2. avdc90
      hey do you go to Rutgers? i saw your post on the local sub-forum
    3. SupremeDirt
    4. Firestorm
    5. Firestorm
      No, they are VERY protective of those. Nobody is allowed to handle them but The Pokemon Company employees. I don't really expect a live feed, but was thinking maybe streaming off a nice webcam or something. What the University of Victoria did to project the matches was use an overhead project that showed the top screen. So just place the DS of one of the players so that the top screen is projected but the bottom screen is not. You could then stream the projection.
    6. Firestorm
      Let me know if you guys plan on streaming Pokemon at Apex. Will embed / link on front page during the event and promote the other usual ways too (Facebook / Twitter).
    7. jarvitz
      so uhh smogon server is down
    8. Firestorm
      I'll sticky it 'til someone takes it down. I'll post something to the front page but not just yet. We don't have an archive and I'd like the current stuff to stay there a bit longer.
    9. Firestorm
    10. chrizekiel
      I already contacted Marriland through his website. He said he will present my case to the bigwigs for future improvements on the VGC tournaments. I want to request that you ask the guy that lost to the same guy I lost to to try to remember any suspicious things in his opponent. His and my opponent led with Togekiss and Galade. If he comes up with some inconsistancies tell him to send them to Marrialnd or to me or to you and then you send them to me.

      Oh the guy that im talking about had a t-shirt with a skull, he had short hair, and white skin.
    11. chrizekiel
      Hey Chibo its me Chris from NJ VGC the guy "that seems kinda cool." Maybe not this year but definitely next year. Lets practice after Pokemon Black and white come out.

      I think Im through with Pokemon for a while though. As you know I lost Forth round! The guy used a hacked Metagross and an overly powerful Dialga. I took My Perfect Giratina in one shot with D pulse. My Gira had 199 Hp and D pulse takes about 192 max damge an Item could have done the trick but w.e. His metagross was fatster than my 0 Iv Quiet Abamasnow. Sadly I didnt figure it out during the battle.
    12. Chiaki
      hey chibo its edhurley man from smashboards add me :)
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