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Chou Toshio
Last Activity:
Jul 11, 2014 at 5:26 AM
Aug 16, 2007
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September 11
Tokyo Central Bank

Chou Toshio

@Fighting Necktie, Male, from Tokyo Central Bank

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http://www.ironcheffans.info/episodes/1996/Beijing/BeijingFinal.avi Apr 22, 2014

Chou Toshio was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Jul 11, 2014 at 5:26 AM
    1. LoDart210
      Pardon me, I should've known better than to incite an argument!
    2. alexwolf
      Hey Chou, you mind posting your vote in the viability ranking convo, as i want to post the results in a few hours?
    3. DestinyGallade
      Your avatar is the description of a mega evolution. Make it happen gamefreak! Or CAP
    4. GameFreakSupport
      Hey, if you could, can you check one of my threads out? I need a bit of help. People said come to you for this, but I have no idea what I am doing, honestly.
      1. Scene
        Feb 14, 2014
    5. alexwolf
      Regarding your last post in the theorymon thread Chou, that's why the community votes, to make sure that we are not just working with the theorymon that the mod likes. I just picked they first theorymon to get us started, and not wait with an empty thread until we vote.
    6. T-Bolt
      Hey, I read your pastebin. While I agree with most of your suspects, I don't understand why Thundurus-I is broken? It was kind of underwhelming when I tried it out. I'm not a very good battler, so what is Thundurus' most effective set? Your pastebin mentions priority thunder wave, but how does that help Thundurus with it's low bulk?

      I wasn't really around for the BW suspect test, so the info would help ^^
    7. MagikaripIsOP
      Is there any particular reason why suspects don't have to come from s rank?
    8. Expulso
      Sorry for the Registeel thread; I've always liked it and hoped it was viable :/
    9. Unfixable
      Could we discuss Talonflame being banned possibly?
      1. TerrorDave
        id actullly like to question you about that too, i really think Talon is fine in a meta ike this. If it had like 11o base attack id want in banned sure
        Jan 21, 2014
      2. TerrorDave
        And im abit concerned you said Mandibuzz was terrible in that. How? it got a great buff this gen
        Jan 22, 2014
    10. Ninja Nuzleaf
      Ninja Nuzleaf
      Next time you see this, what are your top 3 NEED to be banned Pokemon?
    11. Unfixable
      Congratulations so much on the wife and a newborn! I'm hoping to one day have a child as well!
    12. Layell
      I heard you are the one who did the Mkhan demographics poll, any chance of releasing those results to the public or at least IS?
    13. Kingler12345
      married and kid? Grats!
    14. jumpluff
      Wow, Chou, you had a kid?! I can't imagine how much that must mean to you, especially since how much you've always expressed a desire for children. Congratulations, I wish you much happiness. :)
    15. Philip7086
      Holy shit, I just saw your LOA! That's incredible news man, enjoy your time in Japan!

      Nah, jk, that's really awesome about your kid. I'm sure you'll make a great dad :D
    16. Haunter
      Best wishes, for both Christmas and your kid!
    17. Pocket
      wait that's in fucking five days!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, CHOU :D:D:D:D:D:D Please post a photo of your baby on the album thread :3
    18. Magcargo 2
      Magcargo 2
      Hi, Chou Toshio, I was wondering why Darkrai and Shaymin-S were not unbanned like last generation. I figured that you would be the best person to ask considering your excellent post in competitive discussions.
    19. Pocket
      wow, you're married? Congrats!

      when is your firstborn due???
    20. Synxthe1st
      You have an amazing avatar. That is all.
    21. Yuttt
      Hi Chou, I was wondering if, since the Mega Kangaskhan test is over (and thankfully banned), could you release the results of your poll? I'm interested especially in the correlation of low ranking players and anti-ban.
    22. ium
      hi chou i was wondering if you could help me out a bit

      i'm trying to get some eggs hatched shiny, but some of the only trainer shiny value matches i was able to find are with japanese pokemon players and i was wondering if you could help me communicate with them so they could hatch my eggs (there's two people and it's via twitter). if you could do that i'd appreciate it but if not then that's ok too
    23. MagikaripIsOP
      When will the official ou viability thread be out?
    24. Fireburn
      I read the pastebin in the signature and I agree with basically all of your opinions, though I would like you to explain a bit more (maybe in a PM or something) about Aegis/Talonflame as those were a little odd to me (and I think Deo-s/Gene are more broken then they are atm).
    25. Dragontamer
      Most of the Policy-Review posts currently assume that Parental Bond is similar to a Choice Band.

      However, it is closer to a Choice Band + Choice Specs. The Special Set running Seismic Toss + Shadow Ball is more than enough to dispatch any would-be checks or counters. It is honestly comparable to Choice Band, Choice Specs, The ability to switch attacks, a Focus Sash killer, and a superior Serenes Grace all in one.
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    人の善意は信じますが、やられたらやり返す。。。 倍返しだ!!
    "I believe in human good will, but if someone screws with me, I'll screw him back... PAID IN DOUBLE!!" (from Hanzawa Naoki)
    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/outheorymon-120229654 TRIPLE BIRD (Gale Wings Mence kick-ass)


    September 11
    Tokyo Central Bank
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
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