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Apr 12, 2012
Jul 23, 2009
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Apr 12, 2012
    1. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      We deleted wi-fi last year. If Google Cache or the Wayback Machine or equivalents don't have it, you're out of luck.
    2. Ryner
      R.I.P. Chronix
    3. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      I locked it for you so it can fade away, but people can still use it as reference.
    4. Shwheelz
      Hai Salsa. There's a new rule stating I have to quote posts proving I have semi-rights on all the Pokemon that we do. Can I get you to post in my thread stating I have semi-rights on your Infernape, Purugly, and Gallade? Thanks. Let me know if I need to post anything for you.
    5. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      Hey, could you post in my thread saying that I do have permission to redis your: Lucario/Manectric/Floatzel/Persian/Lanturn? They were all BPs you did for me, but that new rule requires this.
    6. epicmusicfan
      I don't know if you're done, but I can trade for the Rayquazas if you are.
    7. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hey dude. Your psyduck is finished. I'll be on wifi waiting for ya.
    8. ZaChAttAcK101
      Umm this psyduck doesn't have any of those egg moves you mentioned not to delete.
    9. ZaChAttAcK101
      Uhh sure. What EV spread do you want?

      I'll be on wifi waiting as well
    10. ZaChAttAcK101
      How about I ev train your timid manectric for the lucario?
    11. ZaChAttAcK101
      Oh. I thought you already had a pokemon that you wanted to be ev trained. I don't think I need it anymore but then again I feel the need for it. What pokemon do you want me to EV train for it?
    12. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hey bro. Ya free to have the pokemon EV trained? :D
    13. ZaChAttAcK101
      Heya chronix! Are ya free for me to do the job now? :)
    14. labarith
      I should be free to trade tonight - you?
    15. Shwheelz
      Eh, changed my mind. I don't really need it anymore :3
    16. Shwheelz
      Alsanoob, you have the HP Fire Lucario that I want? Give meh... for a pogey? :D
    17. ZaChAttAcK101
      Cool. I'll hop on wifi now to pick it up okay? :)

      Edit: I'll be using my SS FC to do the training :D
    18. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hey Chronix. Is it possible to EV train for your Timid HP Fire lucario? I have a new UU team ready but I'm not too sure as to how it will do against you since I'm not fully confident in it yet.
    19. ZaChAttAcK101
      Haha it sounds like a plan. If I manage to think of and put together an NU team, I will definitely VM you about a battle with it. =]

      I'll be on wifi waiting for ya btw =)

      EDIT: I'll be using my SS FC just in case you erased it from your Pal Pad. :)
    20. ZaChAttAcK101
      Okie. I'm just about done with my battle so I should be there in a sec and thanks for the pokemon. I had a great time battling you yesterday even though it made me super duper nervous lol.
    21. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hey Chronix. Is it okay for me to pick up The shiny Adamant Slaking, and switch Timid Luke and Naughty Scizor for Calm Togekiss Set #1, and for the Jolly Azelf Set #1?
    22. BlazeMurder
    23. ZaChAttAcK101
      May I get the shiny adamant slaking already EVd, the timid hp fire Luke EVd and before I pick naughty scizor, do you know of a useable moveset and EV spread for it?
    24. Vaporeon
      Oops, I almost left pory behind >__> Was my only copy ever traded too.
      Thanks for the trade! :]
    25. Vaporeon
      Alright I'm heading online. Just as reminder I need a copy back of each :]
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