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Jun 29, 2017
May 31, 2012
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Jun 29, 2017
    1. MarkVII
      I'm online
    2. flargananddingle
      Hey to avoid spamming the thread...I'll add you now, let me know when you'll be on
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      2. CJorex
        Really? What do you want? My native Vivillon Pattern is River.
        Nov 17, 2014
      3. CJorex
        And also what do you have?
        Nov 17, 2014
      4. flargananddingle
        I have polar, sun, jungle, archipelago,ocean, and savannah. I'd have to think about what I need though..just brought up 2 boxes of apricorn females to put egg moves on
        Nov 17, 2014
    3. Wobbanaut
      As for the scramble if you don't poison you can use other moves idk why but I couldn't reply to pm
    4. Colossus
      Please add me? FC 2020-0631-4167, IGN Claytonius. Safari is Psychic w/ Grumpig,Espurr, and Gothorita. Thanks for your time and consideration!
    5. Cipher96
      Sorry for the delay had to work today my fc is 5429-6766-3309...the scyther for one of your gibbles?
    6. Enguarde
      Hey i was looking at the friend safari spreadsheet adn was wondering if you would exchange codes with me? Really would love pupitar and barbaracle. I have magcargo, onix and barbaracle in my mine apparently. Its fine if you don't want to though :)
    7. Hollymon
      You don't have to accept it. It was my fault and I should have looked through your posts more because I don't remember that. Wait I'm going to look for it. Oh found it. Damn it because you quoted me when you said that so I should have remembered. Basically you don't have to accept it just because you feel mean lol
    8. Hollymon
      Sorry for proposing that Dustox thing. I should have gone back and read it but I was lazy and posted an awful scramble challenge :( take no notice of my comment
      1. CJorex
        It wasn't awful; I hust wasn't prepared to take on somthing that hard. If you ind someone who is doing a garder difficulty then I'm sure they'll love it!
        Aug 9, 2013
    9. sadoldpoygon22

      You have not met the requirements to stay in the group called Lets make a game together (posting AT THE LEAST 5 ideas or posts).
      If you get your total posts to 5 in the next week, you will be taken out from the Inactive List. After 1 week of no compliance, you WILL be kicked from the group.
      This message is only sent to any inactive members.
    10. Arcticblast
      Hey, I saw your RMT and noticed that you were using a... Modest Scarf Magnezone.
      Scarf Magnezone might seem like a revenge killer, but in reality it fails to outspeed anything noteworthy even with a Timid nature, losing to Adamant +1 Dragonite and Gyarados and failing to outspeed max Speed Starmie (all of which can OHKO Magnezone). It's honestly a terrible revenge killer. You'd be much better off using a Timid Scarf Magneton in my opinion, which retains Magnezone's ability to trap Steel-types while actually outspeeding things - the loss in power will be noticeable, but really it isn't as bad as it seems. (I wouldn't have bothered normally, but I wrote Magneton's OU analysis so...)

      If you're dead set on keeping Magnezone, you might benefit from replacing Protect on Gliscor with Stealth Rock and giving Garchomp a Choice Scarf and Stone Edge, for a more reliable revenge killer. Regardless of these changes, changing Lilligant to a Timid Life Orb variant will allow you to outspeed +2 Modest Landorus in the Sun (if you use at least 236 Speed EVs) and OHKO with HP Ice, taking a major burden off your shoulders.
    11. Snaquaza
      I modified the challange, although it might be hard to get the wing healed. 8)
    12. Celever
      Dude, you responded to my response of your PM, I mean seriously.
      Basically I said change it to 4'5", and you said "ok thanks" so idek why you thought I hadn't responded.
      At least check man.
    13. CJorex
      If you have someone who can trade you one that's fine
    14. Darknesscrusher
      Argh man, why did you have to give me carnivine, atleast 1 hour now trying to get it into the stupid Great Marsh...
    15. Organization Member XIV
      Organization Member XIV
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