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Dec 7, 2013
Apr 13, 2012
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    1. Mockingbird
      H0ll0w Condy. I'm fashionably late ik. *bows*
    2. Kiry4n
      I have more time I look. Although at first glance it looks a solid and hard to beat. Good team ^ ^
    3. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      i'm 16 but 2 years ahead so college yeah. wow, chicago + big fancy job, that's nice. hey i'll be on po main if you wanna chat more
    4. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      oh wow hey, been a loooooooong time lol. things are good, im moving on up in this community and in life. got into stanford which is cool, also got a girlfriend of 2 months and a job at a golf course ^_^ how bout you man?
    5. Kiry4n
      bro good luck with your aid in rmt ^ ^ We'll talk bro. And see sinuses see in po haha
    6. Furai
      I did. He's mad or something.
    7. Kiry4n
      Yes, before I passed through that part of the rmt and seen that you are doing very well haha, that's good.
    8. Kiry4n
      Well, now I'm forming a pokemon clan. Today may make the subject pokespain. Yes, now I tend to be active in various places whenever I can XD Anyway, how's it going for you?
    9. Kidogo
      hey man <3
      aww im sorry, i think i did it to ginga as well lol. I'll be sure to give it a rate once you post it xD
      How's high school going? senioritis still goin' strong? :D
    10. Kiry4n
      I know, I almost did not enter the po, only tournaments or practicing with someone. Right now I'm on several forums, Smogon, pokexperto, pokespain ..
    11. Kiry4n
      Conduit :D
    12. Unchained1
      Pro msg is Pro!
      Sup bro just dropped by to say hi :)
    13. Glory Blaze
      Glory Blaze
      sry, i was away for a little while, an incident occured >_< well i met you once, the guy who mistakened you for sunshine and was the first member kicked out of aquarius? yeh, that was me. I never knew everyone was on smogon, so i decided to make a smogon account myself and try to make as much friends as possible. Hope we can be friends :D
    14. Glory Blaze
      Glory Blaze
      Hey Conduit, its me ninja :D hows it goin?
    15. Tangelo
    16. Unchained1
      Yeah bro np! + luvdisc lolo
    17. Omicron
      Ah I see. To be honest I hate those two as well, though Garchomp a little more :P but we'll have to wait for another round or two of suspect voting :P
    18. Metroid76
      Thanks for your luvdisc
    19. SOMALIA
      Good to see you
    20. Omicron
      Ahaha I couldn't help but notice your VMs xD

      Yep DW OU here is much different than PO's :P

      Fear not, Blaziken will soon be outta here, I'm quite sure of it lol
    21. Darchrow
      Yeah lol, Blaziken, Chomp, Manaphy, pretty much a hell hole. Oh and sure, that team brings back a lot o' memories.
    22. Darchrow
      Lmfao Hi bud! Be sure to try their DW ladder here, it's quite a killer!
    23. Unchained1
      Sup br0 lol :D
    24. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
    25. Omicron
      Hmm... The Smogon server was down about an hour ago, I'm not sure if it's still down, but your best bet would be to PM Alucard about your situation. I'm not a server mod / admin, so I don't have the power to unban your IP, should it be banned. Let me know if you need anything else!
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