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  • I won't be available for battle until 10:30 pm gmt +2 on weekdays, so maybe we can do it this weekend if you dont want to battle that late.
    i can play on po, i just prefer ps. also bs uu, i dont play uu, but ill accept it.
    since i was subbed for go10, i can make up his activity loss in hfa against you. i am gmt -5, and would prefer bw nu.
    i think we can get this done on the weekend. you can find me almost all the day on irc as Robert
    we have to battle for homefield advantage week 6. you are the home player so you have to choose a tier. im gmt-6
    Yes weekend is ok. Some earlier time Saturday good? Like perhaps Saturday 2pm gmt -5. Or Saturday 5pm gmt -5?

    What is better for you?
    When do you want to play Home field? I am gmt -5. I am free after 7pm EST every night.

    Want to play ADV/DPP OU. I love older gens.
    hey, we're paired for the farm league. im gmt-5, tell me whens a good time for us to play
    Alright. Tuesday is a day off for me so that sounds good. I'll try to get us the extension. Let me know about your computer, when it's fixed etc.

    Terrible sorry it got to this situation. :(
    Hell no, we're gonna battle. I am not taking the win just because my Internet DCs earlier this week, which was a technical problem like yours. If we can't manage to battle I'll try to get us an extetntion. Do you have any other computer or something?
    Yeah I'm gonna need the delay, physics took longer than I thought. Sorry ><
    Hi, I might be an hour late, though I highly doubt it. Just letting you know :) Eorst case scenario is a 30 min delay imo
    I first want to apologize for not arriving, even though it wasn't my fault; the Internet was disconnected from 6PM until now, and there was nothing I could do.

    Those times sound great, I'm pretty available.
    I'm okay with both actually. Wednesday works for me too; let's get it done asap.
    Hya were opponents for the third week of farm league!! I'm gmt+2 lemme know when you're available
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