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Feb 22, 2014
Dec 28, 2009
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Feb 22, 2014
    1. Pocket
      darn you stealing my #1 spot, Batterwich!
    2. TheAshAttacks
    3. CakesOfSpan
      pfffff we'll see what happens at nats if i go, which there is a decent shot of :D
    4. CakesOfSpan
      rawrrr i spy a crow o:

      good job at athens u noob
    5. religiousjedi
      And you were worried...

    6. religiousjedi
      So...what place?
    7. Vinc2612
      I gave you a time but you could not be available, so yes, I was waiting a respond about it.
      Thanks for the win and not asking for a coinflip. Good luck in future tournaments.
    8. Vinc2612
      Why do you stop answering my VMs ?
    9. Vinc2612
      After the Smogon Tour.
      So depending of my luck (at least at pairing, probably in battles too), it could be from 8:30pm to 11pm, my time (oh, and I'll be GMT +2 from sunday because DST)
    10. Vinc2612
      Hi ! We are paired for the VGC tournament, you subbed in my previous opponent.
      I'm GMT +1. I'm available tomorrow night, sunday night, monday afternoon/night and tuesday afternoon/night.
      Does it work for you ?
    11. Killah
      I think I just streetpassed you at Tech !_!

      I'm the guy with the Brock mii :toast:
    12. Huy
      okay. just grab me on irc
    13. Huy
      we need to fite
    14. Crow350
      To whoever I get for the next round of the VGC tourney, I'm going to be out of town until Thursday night. Sorry if it's any inconvenience.
    15. iambaney
      I have to get offline for the night, sorry. Hopefully you can put together a good team without my pokemon - I won't be able to trade again until after your tournament is over tomorrow. :(
    16. iambaney
      Alright. I'll wait in the wifi room in case you are able to get online soon.
    17. iambaney
      I'm trying to connect with DarkRoseBlood atm, but if you meet me online, I'll trade with you immediately afterward.
    18. Unreality
      I'm on tonight, on the Skarmbliss server. I will be on tomorrow, but I bet you'll be battling at Atlanta. I'm also available Sunday. Whenever works for you!
    19. Unreality
      Hey, sorry for the lateness but we need to do our VGC 2011 battle. When would be a good time to play for you?
    20. Kid Kadabra
      Kid Kadabra
      Hey, I just got on, but I'm not sure about being able to battle today or tomorrow even.. I'm really sorry about the hassle, but my parents like to be dicks and turn off the internet from time to time, and I dont want that happening, because it'll look like I DCed.
    21. Kid Kadabra
      Kid Kadabra
      Okay, I'll try and be on.
    22. Kid Kadabra
      Kid Kadabra
      Ehhhh, school days aren't so good for me... My parents tend to turn off the internet, and my neighbor's internet is pretty unreliable. It would be great if we could battle over the weekend. I think I'll be available throughout most of this Saturday, if that works. Let me know. Thanks!
    23. Kid Kadabra
      Kid Kadabra
      Hey I'm at GMT -7. I'm usually available from 4-5 PM. However. I've had some stuff going, so I haven't been on smogon in a long time. I won't have much time, so you may end up just getting through to the next round without battling. I'll try and plan ahead for the battle, but the VGC is coming up, which I have to prepare for. Anyway, I'll let you know.
    24. Hallonskalle
    25. Mikazukinoyaiba
      If you want to put it online, go ahead I don't mind.
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