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May 7, 2014
Oct 2, 2010
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United States


Male, from United States

czechm8 was last seen:
May 7, 2014
    1. ~Eon~
      It's ok, I was busy anyway. Just give me a time you can trade and i'll see if i can make it
    2. ~Eon~
      Hey I can trade today if your free
    3. ~Eon~
      The weekend is good for me, i have 4 midterms this week so I wasn't going to be on a lot anyway
    4. ~Eon~
      sorry tomorrow wont work I will be coming late. maybe wednesday
    5. ~Eon~
      I'll be online right now mines 3094 3029 4322
    6. ~Eon~
      I only have up to 4th gen. Just wondering do you have AR? If you do, would it be too much to level mine to 70? Or else I just ask that you teach it magic coat. I can trade right now if you want?
    7. ~Eon~
      Hey I don't know if its too late but I have a timid jirachi that I think has flawless IV's I could give you one if you can clone one back for me and teach it a move tutor move?
    8. Biosci
      I can trade too, My FC is in my About Me. Adding you then heading on wifi!

      edit: oh looks like you left. I'll try and catch you online tomorrow
    9. Biosci
      Ok, just message me then
    10. Biosci
      Did you want the non-shiny or shiny timid thundurus?
    11. dragonboy52
      we have to play for no hazards tour. I'm GMT+3, lemme know when you can play.
    12. SOMALIA
      We're paired for the uu no hazard tourny, I'll be on on evenings-midnight on weekdays gmt+1 so just catch me on the forums
    13. religiousjedi
      Going on. Sorry for the wait.
    14. religiousjedi
      If you're still on, gimme 20 minutes.
    15. religiousjedi
      Tiny nudge. Find a way to get that Munna to show on your entry. Quite simple to do really.[IMG]
    16. Valkart
      Don't worry. A friend let me borrow her DS, so I'll do the transfer. Thanks anyway.
    17. zero2exe
      Apparently not since I just logged in. But around the same time of your last post I should be home and ready to trade ;)
    18. zero2exe
      Ok then I'll take Empoleon in 4th gen. Let me know when you're available to trade
    19. zero2exe
      Do any of them come with egg moves? Also I take they're available in 4th gen?
    20. zero2exe
      Hmm I thought I took that line out of my thread, but that's a formality so I have an easier time checking other's pokemon, if you provide me a list with evreything you have to trade then that's just fine. And no I'm afraid I don't need EV training since I do that myself xP
    21. zero2exe
      I have a Mienfoo/Mienshao like the one you asked in SQSR. The Mienshao is fully EV trained while mienfoo is ut :3 (it's in my thread btw)
    22. Von Slosh
      Von Slosh
      Is there anything in particular you'd be chasing for the Porygon mate? I don't have any flawless pokemon - but perhaps I can get a hold of something you need?
    23. Bruno Magno
      Bruno Magno
      Sorry, only via file
    24. ooh_shiny
      it's non redis rights unless you have a trade thread and use my special halloween sprite- then it's semi redis
    25. ooh_shiny
      coming in with that sableye now, use my black fc in sig
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    United States
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