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D0nut Eater
Last Activity:
Jan 3, 2012
Nov 8, 2009
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D0nut Eater

D0nut Eater was last seen:
Jan 3, 2012
    1. Pureterror
    2. Aqualouis
      Are you free now ?
    3. Aqualouis
      We're paired for the dw tournament. I'm gmt +2, when can you get it done?
    4. Pkrs
      Hi, when a good time for you to battle for dreamworld tournament? I'm GMT-5
    5. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Hey, when do you want get our match done? I'm free today.
    6. zarator
      You have only 2 more days in your Strikeout match with PK gaming before I coinflip, beware
    7. zarator
      Hello, I'd like to inform you that, if you don't PM me your Strikeout Pokémon for the Round 1 of Strikeout Tournament: Black/White edition within approximately 20 hours, you are going to be replaced with a substitute.
    8. snorlax
      im kinda busy today, how about thursday 4:30 my time (3:30 yours) on smogon PO?
    9. snorlax
      hey, whens a good time for you to battle for ghosts tournament? I'm GMT-5 and prefer to battle from 4-11 PM. let me know what works for you.
    10. Smith
      We forgot this was bo3! Anyways when do you want to play the other two? I'm open all today and tomorrow except for the afternoon/evening (pool party).
    11. BIG loven
      BIG loven
      lets play now god damn
    12. BIG loven
      BIG loven
      when you wana play
    13. Smith
      We're opponents for rby tourney! I'll be rather busy until around Friday evening but after that I should be good to battle! I'm GMT -6
    14. ENZ0
      hey I'm on PO SU as ENZ0 PM me there when you get on!
    15. ENZ0
      want to play now? I can play tomorrow at 3:30 PM(GMT -5) np. But it would be cool just to get it done now, your choice man!
    16. ENZ0
      yo want to battle tomorrow 11AM (GMT -5) for 3v3 jap style? or today if you find me here?
    17. B-Lulz
      yo when can u battle for the vgc tourney?
    18. (makeup)
      This weekend sounds good, but keep in mind the teambuilding for this is going to be extremely easy and fast, and it will be completely based on luck so it shouldn't take so long.
    19. (makeup)
      yo, we're riding the metronome take two tourny battlers
      ready to set a time? I'm GMT -5 or EST
    20. HolyChipmunk
      hey, we're opponents for the counterpick tourney.
      Can you head on IRC later today so we can pick our teams?
    21. muffinhead
      sure just give me a couple minutes to shape up a team xD
      edit: okay im on :D
    22. muffinhead
      ok, I will be on at around 4 pm est :D
      if i dont check my VMs just join the IRC channel in my sig and ping me.
    23. muffinhead
      we are matched up for the vgc 11 tournament R2.
      I am in gmt -5, what about you? :3
    24. Agammemnon
      That's okay !
      Just come to French Time server and highlight me when you're ready.
      We can then go to another server at your discretion.
      Cya there :)
    25. Agammemnon
      We're having troubles to see each other, because you straightly ignored my VM...

      What about tuesday between 7pm and 11pm, my timezone ?
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