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Jun 27, 2010
Apr 9, 2010
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Jun 27, 2010
    1. imapedarsag
      hey, I'm gonna be an RNG tutor too, just not in this thread. thought it would be nice to let you know you have competition.
    2. Faladran
      Hi there, sorry for the (really) late reply, but I was wondering if you are still teaching RNG. I signed up a while back, but got really busy with school. Now that summer's here, though, I have quite a bit more free time.

    3. Blaine
      I still owe you a copy of that gastly, let me know when you can pick it up.
    4. Christian
      also i can be a Dppt RNG teacher.
    5. Christian
      hi dude, wondering if i can be put in the wating list for the rng class tutoring for only HG/SS RNG breeding?
    6. Pehu
      Hey there. I saw you folks are trying to open classes to teach noobs how to RNG abuse. Well, I can help too. I've been teaching how to RNG for a long time now. My best student is Rename Card, and as you can see on his thread, he can now abuse pretty much anything.

      I've also teached more guys, helped with questions some more, and I can help to abuse in any 4th generation games, including ID/SID abuse, and everything else except for pokewalker abuse. I didn't tried that one.

      I also have MSN Messenger, and I've been teaching people through it for almost a year. So, let me know.
    7. Riski
      I have a noob guide for getting shiny eggs in HGSS on my trade thread. I wonder if I should do the same thing for DPPt.
    8. KuyaJBoy
      Student change: Sekundes - HGSS
    9. KuyaJBoy
      I think I'll be able to take three at a time. I see that Saints Fan is on your waiting list. I was just helping him a bit yesterday lol.
    10. KuyaJBoy
      I think I know enough about RNG in order to help you with your tutoring service. Although, I am kind of limited to DPPt and BPs. I still haven't learned how to do CPs. If you would like my help, then VM me back.
    11. pokefreak12
      Alright, I'm pretty much available, on Monday-Thursday: 5PM-9PM, Friday: 5PM-Late, and Saturday-Sunday: All Day and this is Central time zone. I have Yahoo messenger to where you can contact me. I can be tutored now if you want.
    12. Faladran
      I'm usually available on weekend evenings, but I'm not going to be active on Smogon for the next two weeks (AP Testing weeks). After that, you can just contact me through visitor message.
    13. froggrunner
      I will be available tomorrow at around 4:00 in the afternoon US eastern time, if that is okay with you. I will make an MSN account and perhaps we could get in touch.
    14. KuyaJBoy
      It's no problem. You're the one providing the FREE service, so you can take your time. I'm a patient person.
    15. KuyaJBoy
      I think we've had this talk already. I needed help in HGSS RNG, but you said you don't know how to do it either or something.
    16. Riski
      Thanks. :-)

      Well, I hatched a perfect shiny Chansey and I'm very happy about that, but I'm having trouble with this Eevee intended to be an Umbreon. I've hit the adjacent frame just above the target more times than I can count. I'm not sure what to do to get the target frame. It's like thee Eevee is cursed.
    17. Riski
      Hi. Can I use you as a reference for EV training?
    18. pikmin
      he gave me the code
    19. Riski
      That's ok. I'll post on the simple request thread and see what comes up.
    20. Riski
      Don't worry about the power items. They were on when I made clones, so no loss.
    21. Riski
      Do you happen to have a male curse hippodon (with slack off as well)? I'm thinking of breeding one.
    22. Riski
      You could always just leave the egg there, do the trade, then save in front of the egg again after.

      I had to do that I don't know how many times for that Chansey I hatched today.
    23. Riski
      I'm going to bore your eyes off, but this is how I EV train: I use the right quantity of meds first. I put the pokes in a party with a pokerus poke in the lead, and then infect them all through several battles. Then I train by the type of EV needed. I put on the right Power items on the pokes that need them and I go to the hotspot with the right pokes to faint. I put the weakest of the EV pokes at the front. When I get into a battle, I switch to the next poke that needs the same EV, then the next (if it's strong enough to handle an attack) and so on, until I pull out my fainter poke and they all get the same EVs at once. And that's how I do it. :-)
    24. Riski
      Most of them haven't risen in level to get to the moves you mentioned, except the Chansey, which became a Blissey and has soft-boiled. I'm going to list their levels in case you would like me to rare candy them up to a move on your list:

      metang 22
      staryu 12
      pineco 12
      gastly 15
      swinub 13
      Blissey 17
    25. Riski
      No problem. I can trade them back to you tomorrow as well. And thank you for letting me keep copies. :-)
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